About The Parish Council

Colston Bassett Village HallColston Bassett Parish Council was formed in 1946 and has been at the centre of village life since that date.

The Parish Council holds meetings around every six weeks and sometimes more regularly depending upon the urgency of business to transact.    The meetings take place in the Village Hall, usually on Monday evenings from 7pm.    All meetings are open to the public and all parishioners are invited to attend to witness the work and business of their Council.     A parishioner's question session is also included within each agenda.    The Parish Council Chair also leads the legally-required Annual Parish Meeting that is held during either April or May each year.


Up to seven councillors can be elected or co-opted to form the Parish Council. The six councillors listed below were elected unopposed in the May 2019 Local Elections, with one vacancy remaining (as of June 2019).

Councillor Richard Jackson (Chairman) of Pickwick Cottage, Church Gate, Colston Bassett

Councillor David Clark (Vice Chair) of Byre Cottage, Church Gate, Colston Bassett

Councillor Josie Mcguirk of Ringwood, Church Gate, Colston Bassett

Councillor Tony Makin of St Anthony's Cottage, Bunison Lane, Colston Bassett

Councillor Sabina Nelkin of Church Gate Cottage, Church Gate, Colston Bassett 

Councillor Nick Goddard of Chancery Cottage, Church Gate, Colston Bassett

One vacancy (as at June 2019)

Elected representatives of Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council also attend Parish Council Meetings.

Cllr Tina Combellack (Nevile Ward, Rushcliffe Borough Council)

Cllr Neil Clarke (Bingham West, Nottinghamshire County Council)


Our Internal Auditor is Mr Neil Gledson from Cropwell Butler.



The Clerk to the Parish Council :  Nige Mayglothling, 5 Church Gate, Colston Bassett. NG12 3FP  Telephone 01949 81549 Mobile 07484 282584

Nige is the first point of contact for all administrative matters relating to the Council, whether timetables of meetings, documents or minutes, general enquiries, etc. In emergency he is best contacted by text or a mobile call.


In addition to the carrying out of the usual parish council  statutory and administrative functions, the  Parish Council  has an obligation to offer a lead in respect of what is often referred to as "responsibility for social engagement", whereby the Council is required to play a vital part in representing the interests of the community and improving the local environment and quality of life within the parish.

Examples of this are the purchase, installation and maintenance of a defibrillator in the Parish-owned "Telephone Box",  well-remembered Jubilee Celebrations, the monthly "Village Update"  E-Newsletter and this website designed to provide an integrated information source for all village groups and associations to keep you informed about what is happening in the parish.

The Parish Council has the important function of statutory consultee on all planning applications made to the Rushcliffe Borough Council as local planning authority.    In addition, the Parish Council is a statutory consultee on County matters relating in particular to local Highways and Bus Service provision. The Parish Council is regularly involved in various consultations & initiatives relating to highway safety matters within the parish, including participation in the SpeedWatch scheme that brings volunteer-led but police-supported speed-checks to our narrow lanes and the Parish Council also supports the development and maintenance of the village bus service provision and linkage to other complimentary bus networks close by.


The Parish Council  is keen to identify desirable improvements and has recently undertaken a number of initiatives following consultation with parishioners.   These have concerned taking forward with the County Council various specific concerns relating to highway safety, bus service provision and lobbying for better broadband access for the village. Hi-Speed Fibre Broadband arrived in the village late in 2016 & in early 2017 a Neighbourhood Plan was launched to encourage all parishioners to contribute towards their vision of Colston Bassett, hopefully looking towards a vibrant village for the the 2030s and beyond

The Council encourages the involvement of parishioners.  For example , the Parish Council carries out (via a band of volunteers and councillors) the gritting of the pavements in the centre of the village when the Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Team, now known as VIA East Midlands,  undertake gritting of the main routes through and around the village.  The Parish Council was one of the first parishes in South Nottinghamshire to put itself forward for this activity and always looks for new volunteers... please contact the Parish Clerk if you want to help your fellow villagers in this or any other way.

The Council wish to thank all those parishioners who have commented and contributed on many important matters over the years and hope all will continue to participate in and contribute to "village-matters".  By example, the work carried out by parishioners delivering a comprehensive traffic survey was used by the Parish Council to lobby the County Council for improvements along Church Gate, especially  where the road narrows in the vicinity of St John the Divine church. Work remains ongoing, including use of the Survey data, to help extend restricted speed limits towards the boundaries of the village.


The Parish Council therefore wish, not only to record their thanks for all parishioners involvement in such important matters, but to encourage this to continue and develop for the future.    In essence, the Parish Council hopes to represent and reflect these views to the other  local authority service providers to ensure, wherever possible, that local public services are provided in a way that reflects the specific needs of the parish.

If you have any thoughts on matters which the Parish Council can influence then please email the Clerk, Nige Mayglothling on info@colstonbassettparishcouncil.co.uk and he will ensure that it is communicated to the Council for full consideration.