Events Committee

Colston Bassett Events comprises a small committee of villagers with the objective of offering occasional entertainments in the village providing variety and fun with the side benefit of raising some money for local charities and other village activities.

To this end the group promotes the Village Ventures programme which comprises live arts performances supported by Nottinghamshire’ County and District Councils and the Arts, Council, England.  Based at Colston Bassett Village Hall, this has brought a variety of exciting events to the village, including music, storytelling and theatre.

The group also organises a range of other hugely successful events, typically involving music, dance, food and a chance to dress up, with the emphasis on attendees having a good time at a reasonable price.

Details of the Colston Bassett Events programme are usually announced on the ‘Village News’ page of this site, including contacts and bookings, as well as circulated in Village Newsletter emails and displayed on the Parish Noticeboards situated by the Village Hall in the centre of the Village.