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Parish Council Meeting 26 June 2017

Draft Minutes of Colston Basset Parish Council Meeting held from 7pm on 26 June 2017

295     Those Present and In Attendance

Present         Cllr R Jackson (Chair), Cllr R Taylor (Vice Chair), Cllr C Newton, Cllr D Clarke, Cllr R Thomason, Cllr K Parker

In Attendance          NCC Cllr N Clarke   CBPC Clerk N Mayglothling

296     Apologies for non-attendance        Cllr Alcock     RBC Cllr Combellack

297     Declaration of Interest from Members in Matters scheduled for discussion: There were none

298     Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting held on May 22 2017

The Council approved the Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting and noted that there are no matters requiring action arising from that meeting

299     Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on May 22 2017. The Council noted the Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting.

The Minutes were approved with the comment noted under Minute 300g.

300     Matters arising from the Minutes of May 22 2017

a) 273d SpeedWatch Repairs        Feedback from NPC (NCC Cllr Clarke); NCC Cllr Clarke reported no response to date from Paddy Tipping

b) 289ii Articles; The Council noted that the June Village Update contained a article on the Market Cross supplied by the local History Group and again invited contributions from all village and local groups to the Monthly Village Update; all submissions can be made to the Clerk.

c) 289iii Advertising; The Clerk advised the meeting that under the provisions of the Data Protection Act it was likely that any use of the existing database for commercial advertising would require acceptance by all listed to accept such advertising. That would require issuing and recording emails of acceptance / refusal and then the transfer of addresses on to a separate mailing list if an online version were to be pursued. The separate question of a hard-copy version was also discussed, alongside the question of who would cost, recruit, manage and format any hard-copy advertising & the publication in general. The Parish Council decided to refer to Nick Goddard for the original legal guidance on hard-copy & to revisit this topic at a later date once legal clarity and any hard-copy scheme viability has been established.

d) 291i Insurance It was noted that Zurich Municipal Insurance had been secured at a slight discount on the 2016-17 price and well below the original 2017-18 quotation. This was a multi-year deal, prone only to small increases against any corresponding appreciation in asset values and Insurance risk.

e) 291iii New Cupboards: It was noted that the new cupboards are in situ and the older cupboards can now be removed. A £225 donation from CB History Group towards this purchase will be banked at the earliest opportunity.

f) 293i St Marys Grass Cutting Cllr Alcock had raised the issue of the cutting of the Parish Burial Ground. The Clerk had visited St Marys and also written to the contractor to request the standard of “cut & removal” were maintained at an acceptable level for this season. It was noted that a satisfactory recent cut had already been observed before the meeting by several Councillors.

g) 293ii Roadway deterioration Cllr Parker had raised the condition of the road around Hall Lane / New Road Junction, where the road edge was crumbling and collapsing; Cllr Newton raised the issue (noted under 299) that this was more correctly at the junction of Hall Lane with Nottingham Road, even though this section of road is varyingly designated also as being both Colston Road and as Hall Lane on various maps.  NCC Cllr N Clarke informed the meeting that he had already raised this issue in this location with NCC Highways (VIA - Kendra Hourd), it had been noted and Highways action would be awaited as it is now “on their list for consideration”, alongside many other local roads.

h) 293iii Grit Bin within Hall Grounds: The positioning of this grit bin had been raised by Cllrs Newton. The Clerk had investigated the site and would also discuss it with the Volunteer Gritters at a meeting on June 27. As the communicated intention of the Grit Team Volunteers is to support safer passage for residents, especially less mobile residents, positioning a grit bin close to common thoroughfares, even on “private” ground, appeared to support that aim. It also appeared that there were no other safe or appropriate sites available near that location. Cllr Newton suggested that the Grit Bin serving Hall Lane should be sited off private land and perhaps placed on the grass verge adjacent to the road, so as not to encourage usage on “private paths”. The Clerk informed the meeting that (re)-siting bins adjacent to a Highway required NCC Highways permission, and that an unprotected grass verge with no pavement, adjacent to the unrestricted and busy Hall Lane, was very unlikely to meet with their approval as a satisfactory site. As a current member of the Grit Team the Clerk further informed the meeting that the private pathways of certain residents were gritted as a matter of course by the volunteers, to facilitate prioritised access / egress to public paths & highways.Following considerable discussion it was decided that the Clerk should discuss the situation with the Grit Team and that consideration of a request to re-sight the bin to the entrance to Hall Grounds be considered at the next meeting                                                                                          (Action Clerk)

301     Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Update  (May 23 Notes).  It was noted that various Theme Groups were now working on elements of the Neighbourhood Plan and would be reporting to the main working Party at the end of the summer. The CBNP WP had also submitted an Awards for All funding application, as previously approved by Council, and the outcome of that application would be reported once known.

302     Parishioners Question Time          i) Colston Bassett History Group  The cost of Explanatory Plaques for the Colston Bassett Village Sign and The Jubilee Walk were being explored with a local supplier. Such signs would appropriately identify and explain two significant parts of the Parish. The intention was that a Village Sign plaque would be positioned on the post of the Village Sign by the Village Hall and that a Jubilee Walk plaque be positioned along that approach to St Marys. The CBHG would report back on this project at a later Parish Council meeting and any request for funding support would be considered at that stage.

ii) There were no other Questions or Submissions from Parishioners

303     Report of Village Hall Committee Representative; Cllr Newton reported that no meetings had taken place since his last pdate.

304     Financial Matters:

a) Payment of Items notified as falling due before 1 July 2018

i)          The Clerks Quarterly Salary & Council Expenses Repayments were Approved

a) Salary £377.22 Payments Made; (7 receipts) £749.76  -   Chq 110 £1126.98

b) HMRC PAYE April/May/June  (£94.00)  -  Chq 111 £94.00

ii)         No other items had been notified prior to the meeting

b) Notification of the 2017 Annual Return and Unaudited Accounts   (RFO)  The Parish Council noted confirmed receipt of the Annual Return by the External Auditors and that the agreed Notification of Unaudited Accounts and Period of Public Rights had been displayed both online and on the Parish Noticeboard.

c) Statement of Current and Deposit Accounts

i)  NatWest Current     June Statement  £14,090.79

Reconciliation (ch109)      £13,627.67

ii)         NatWest Reserve   June Statement                  £10,796.24

iii)        Co-Op Defib             Last Statement                    £1,486.51

The Council noted that the Internal Auditor had agreed these totals as correct. The inclusion of the CBNP Grant Element within the Current Account would be itemised in future to reflect available and ring-fenced Parish Council funds

d) Notification of VAT Refund Application, March-May 2017   £438.85.  It was noted that the Clerk had submitted a VAT Refund application to HMRC on May 25, but to date no notice of payment nor any questions on this submission have been received from HMRC.

305     Planning Applications & Other Communications received:

Planning: The following outcomes were noted.

a) 17/01110/FUL Willowbrook       CBPC Support         RBC   Approved

b) 17/01195/FUL Home Farm       CBPC Support         RBC   Pending (28/7)

c) 17/01180/TPO Tanglewood      CBPC OBJECT        RBC   Replacement

- The new RBC Council Leaders comments made at the Town and Parish Councils Annual Meeting on maintaining and increasing tree coverage in Rushcliffe were noted and received Parish Council support. The CBPC view on Tree Removal and Replacement was discussed and the Council agreed that they would actively seek to support both the replanting and replacement of any trees requiring removal around the Parish going forward on either a “like for like” or Native species basis                                                (Action Clerk)


d) WW1 Commemoration Fund    It was noted that a grant of up to £300 towards funding for WW1 commemoration events was currently available and notification of this opportunity had already been given to RBL & School by the Cler

e) NCC & Jas Martin; Estate & NCC Footpaths and Vegetation maintenance,  The Council noted that the Clerk had been in contact with both NCC VIA Highways and JAS Martin (Agents for the Estate) with regard to delivering on their appropriate responsibilities in maintaining pathways and cutting hedges around the Parish. Work had already been undertaken on several footpaths by volunteers and Cllr Parker reported that the NCC-adopted footpath from Church Gate to St Marys had also been strimmed very recently.

306.    Councillor’s Urgent Items

1) Cllr Taylor

a) Councillor Taylor wished noted that the Annual Parish Meeting Agenda had been inappropriately labelled as Colston Bassett Parish Council, resulting in some confusion for him as to which was the correct agenda for which meeting. He further referred to the Annual Meetings as being a shambles.(Clerks Note: The Inclusion of “Colston Bassett Parish Council” as a header or footer within the Agenda and Minutes of both the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting reflect the approved template for the Minutes and Agendas of previous such meetings. This was also the format as approved in 2015 under Cllr Taylors own Chairmanship of the Parish Council. Agendas and Minutes exist in a similar format dating back to at least 2011 apparently without having caused any prior confusion or inconvenience)

b) Cllr Taylor complained that the 2017 Chairmans Annual Report did not include any reference to Finance figures nor to any local businesses (Clerks Note; There is no defined report-content listed in statute for the Annual Parish Meeting Chairs Report, so it is at the sole discretion of the Parish Council Chair as to what is included. With the existence of a Parish Council the Chair of that Parish Council is also responsible in statute for convening and chairing the Annual Meeting but it is delegated in practice to the Parish Clerk to deliver notice of both the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting. This is again as evidenced in Colston Bassett in all agendas since 2011, including under Cllr Taylors own Chairmanship. The Council Chairman, having noted that the RFOs 2017 Report presented accounts to the Annual Parish Meeting, had chosen not to repeat those figures, Both the 2017 Chairs Report and the Annual Accounting Statement by the RFO were also available and circulated online and in hard copy prior to the Annual Parish Meeting, the first year that this has happened)

c) Cllr Taylor further complained that there had been no clear end to the Annual Parish Meeting. This had resulted in his confusion as to which meeting he was in when required to take the Chair for the Planning Section. That item had already been moved up the Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda by agreement before Cllr Taylor was required to take The Chair due to the Declaration of Interest made by Cllr Jackson in a Planning Matter. (Clerks Note: The Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting were approved earlier without comment under Minute 298 & therefore remain unchallenged in asserting that the Annual Parish Meeting was noted as having concluded correctly prior to the commencement of the Annual Parish Council Meeting)

d) Cllr Taylor was disappointed to note that his advice on how to conduct these meetings had not been followed.

Parish Council Chairman Cllr Jackson thanked Cllr Taylor for his observations & will discuss them with the Clerk before the July Parish Council meeting.

2 Cllr D Clark;  Cllr Clark noted that several volunteers were contributing to the upkeep of the village on a regular basis and proposed the Parish Council passed on their official thanks to those known to be taking on these roles, This was seconded by Cllr Taylor. Of particular note were the works done over some time by; Nick Goddard on Church Gate, Martin Loxton on New Road, Mrs Helen Wright on Bunnison Lane, The Dairy and the Fletcher Family on Harby Lane and Charles Newton for the Hall Hedges. The Parish Council are aware that many other unidentified volunteers also help to clear and maintain substantive areas and pathways around the village and the Council passed on their recorded thanks to those valued village volunteers as well.

3 Cllr Parker asked NCC Cllr N Clarke about his efforts to find a new recycling site; NCC Cllr Clarke informed the meeting that re-opening Langar Tip was not a viable option, but that efforts to find an appropriate site remains an ongoing aspiration as the West Bridgford Recycling site is now noted as overwhelmed.  Despite apparent evidence to the contrary around local lanes, there had only been a small rise in reported fly-tipping since the closure of Langar.

307.    Date of next meeting – 31 July 2017, Colston Bassett Village Hall, 7pm

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7:54pm

2016-17 Expenditure: £100+ Listing

In line with Audit Regulations for Parish Councils all Items of Expenditure of or over £100 each are to be displayed; those items for Colston Bassett Parish Council during 2016-17 are as per the attached document. Please be aware that some items may represent a single payment / reimbursement for several items being paid in a single cheque to limit the number of cheques being issued. All items requiring payment are presented to the Parish Council for approval and appropriate settlement and further details on each item can be obtained by reference to Parish Council Minutes or on application to the Parish Clerk. The VAT elements of all expenditure items are reclaimed from HMRC as appropriate.

£100 payments 2016-17

2017 Annual Parish Council Meeting

Draft Minutes of the 2017 ANNUAL PARISH COUNCIL MEETING, 22 May 2017

This Meeting followed the Annual Parish Meeting and commenced at 1915

281     Present                      Cllrs R Jackson (Chair), R Taylor, C Newton, K Parker and A Alcock

In Attendance           RBC Cllr T Combellack, NCC Cllr N Clarke, CBPC Clerk N Mayglothling & 5 Members of the Public

282     Apologies                  Cllr D Clark   Cllr R Thomasson

283     Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for the 2017-18 Parish Year

Chair              Cllr Jackson  Proposed Cllr Newton, Seconded Cllr Parker

Vice Chair     Cllr Taylor      Proposed Cllr Parker, Seconded Cllr Newton

Both nominations were agreed by resolution unanimously. Cllr Jackson remained in the Chair.

284     Declarations of interest from members in matters due for consideration at the meeting: Cllr Jackson notified an interest in the Willowbrook Planning Application as a neighbour directly adjacent to the proposed property development. No further declarations were received

285     NOTED that the Minutes of the previous Annual Parish Council Meeting held on May 23 2016.were as previously approved (September 2016)

286     Minutes of the previous Parish Council Meeting, held on April 10 2017

Two grammatical errors highlighted by Cllr Newton (not affecting the accuracy of decisions) were corrected and the Minutes then the Chair.

287     Matters arising from the previous minutes of April 10 2017:

i)          273b   CBPC and Via Highways correspondence  (Chair) It was noted that the communications between the Parish Council and VIA Highways had been circulated online and displayed on the noticeboard. Received Parishioner feedback was supportive of the Parish Council in continuing to demand delivery of local service by VIA in the interests of the safety of all Parishioners and Visitors. The Parish Council will look to liaise with NCC Cllr Clarke on these matters and the Chair repeated that the Council will continue to look for appropriate responses from VIA Highways.

ii)         273c   Village Shelter repairs (Chair) This matter remains pending for quotes as no-one currently wishes to tender to replace the clay tiles at the moment. The Chair is still trying to progress this with a local contractor.

iii)        273d   SpeedWatch update (Cllr Parker / Clerk.  It was noted that the equipment is not available for use at the moment and that Cllr Parker and the Clerk will be contacted once it becomes available again. NCC Cllr Clarke agreed to raise the lack of functioning Speed-Watch equipment and the delays in being able to repair it with NPC Paddy Tipping. Cllr Combellack suggested that Colston Bassett may also benefit by looking into joining the local Neighbourhood Watch grouping and similar local support schemes Action NCC Cllr Clarke / Parish Clerk

288     Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Update (CBNP WP)

Two members of the CBNP (Josie McGuirk and Suzi McCullough) were in attendance and reported that the Working Party had received a Locality Grant of £4200, that by agreement with Group Treasurer David Lambert was now held in the Parish Council Current Account. YourLocale submitted their first invoice for £1800 (including £300 VAT) and this was APPROVED for payment. The Vision Statement has been previously circulated and was also APPROVED. The Next CBNP Meeting on May 23 will start to explore three key Focus Areas. A letter to gain the views of Local Businesses has also been compiled by CBNP WP member Nick Goddard and will be acted upon shortly.

289     Parishioners Question Time (max 15 minutes) 

i) A Representative of the Colston Bassett History Group (Mrs B Fletcher) suggested that an explanation of the village sign should be displayed near the Hall. This met with the support of Parish Council and the History Society were invited to explore prices. The Parish Council were very happy to support this initiative in principle and await firmer costing indications.

ii) The History Society also suggested that there may be an opportunity to include short historical items in the Village Update Newsletter and on the Parish Council website. This suggestion was supported by the parish Council and it was noted that articles from every group in the village are always very welcome, in the first instance for e-news distribution and website hosting as appropriate. Articles could be submitted to the Clerk at any time.

iii)  The possibility of advertising on the Parish Council website and in Village Newsletters as a means of off-setting costs was discussed and agreed as potentially positive; previous advice had been not to include advertising copy on the closed email list. Clerk to check Data Protection conformity.

290     Report of Village Hall Committee Representative (Cllr Newton: The recent Village Hall AGM and General Meeting had confirmed Officers as;

Chair: C Burnell      Treasurer: B Crabtree          Secretary: M Palmer

The finances of the VHMC remain moderately healthy with around £3k in the Current Account, Bookings up on last year and the Main Hall recently repainted. Copies of the VHMC Meeting Minutes are now passed to the Clerk and are available to Parish Councillors on request.

291     Financial Matters:

a) Payment of Items falling due before June 2018  (Clerk)

 i)          Insurance total as agreed under Minute 291.f               AGREED

 ii)         YourLocale CBNP Invoice             £1800 inc VAT          AGREED

iii)        Purchase of 2 Matching cupboards from N.O.E. £450 plus VAT AGREED   The History Society agreed to donate £225 towards this purchase

b) Financial Report and the 2016-17 Unaudited Accounts Return (RFO): The RFO presented the previously circulated 2016-17 Financial Statements, as agreed with the Internal Auditor. These were approved by resolution, signed by the Chair and will be passed to External Audit. Action RFO/Clerk

c) Level and Receipt of 2017-18 Precept (RFO) It was NOTED that 2017-18 Precept of £9180 was received in the NatWest Account on 28.4.17

d) Annual Return Submission & Notice of Period of Public Rights (Clerk): All pertinent elements of the Annual Return were noted as complete and this will now be sent to the External Auditors. The period for the Exercise of Public Rights was agreed as; from Monday June 5 to Friday July 14.

e) Request from Notts County Football Club (Football in the Community) for funding support from CBPC for this financial year. Following discussion it was agreed that no donation would be made this year.

f) Zurich Insurance Renewal for 2017-18 (Clerk) The Zurich renewal quotation for 2017-18, including a 2% rise in Insurance Tax, totalled £481.91 (no VAT). The previous (2016-17) invoice was £468.88. It was noted that a 5% discount for 3yr Long Term Arrangements and a 10% discount for 5yr Long Term Arrangements was on offer.  After discussion it was RESOLVED that the Clerk should approach Zurich for the 5-year, 10% LTA saving at an agreed fixed price. Action Clerk (Post Meeting Note; a discounted renewal of £463.11 has been agreed with Zurich)

292.    Planning Applications & Other Communications received: This item Chaired by Cllr Taylor, Cllr Jackson having withdrawn for this item.A Planning application with regard to the potential development of three smaller properties on the current Willowbrook site on Church Gate had been notified. Two members of the public (Mr N Bacon and Mrs J Mayglothling) spoke in favour of the Application, It was noted that the application reflected the feedback in the Neighbourhood Plan, as this development would increase the diversity of housing available within the village by being at the lower end of the market range, matching aspirations to seek & support locally-more-affordable housing as previously espoused by the Parish Council itself. The application also already had the support of the immediate neighbours. Following lengthy discussion the Parish Council resolved to SUPPORT the application. Cllr Newton abstained and Cllr Parker wished his objection to further development on Church Gate to be noted.

Cllr Jackson resumed the Chair at the conclusion of this item

293.    Councillor’s Urgent Items

i) Cllr Alcock raised concern as grass at St Marys is in need of a cut. Noted that bad weather may have delayed this. Clerk to contact Contractor.

ii) Cllr Parker noted that the edge of the Main Cropwell Road appears to be collapsing near the junction with New Road, just beyond Sand Pit Hollow on exiting the village. Clerk to check, Cllr Parker to notify Highways.

iii) Cllr Newton, supported by Cllr Parker raised concern about the location of the Grit Bin actually within the Hall Grounds and asked if an alternate site servicing the highway / public paths rather than private properties could be found. Clerk to check and provide feedback.

294.    Date of next meeting – 26 June 2017, Colston Bassett Village Hall, 7pm  (Cllr Alcock lodged his apologies for this meeting.)

All were thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 2005hrs

2017 Annual Parish Meeting

Draft Minutes of the 2017 ANNUAL PARISH MEETING held on 22 May 2017

APM17.01     Present                      Cllrs R Jackson (Chair), A Alcock, R Taylor, C Newton & K Parker

In Attendance           RBC Cllr T Combellack, NCC Cllr N Clarke & CBPC Clerk N Mayglothling

5 Members of the Public

APM17.02     Apologies                  Cllr D Clark   Cllr R Thomason

APM17.03 Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting; The Meeting Noted that the minutes of the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting were as approved and noted in September 2016. There were no actions arising to note carried over from the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting.

APM17.04 The Parish Council Chairman’s 2016-17 Report; Cllr Richard Jackson presented his report on activities over the past year. A hard-copy of the Report is also available in hard copy from the Clerk on request.

The 2017 Annual Parish Meeting; a Report by The Parish Chairman.

The Parish Council has enjoyed a busy and largely successful year, working both with many local agencies and with parishioners, so I am indebted to my fellow Councillors for their support and good offices. Parish Clerk Nick Goddard also provided invaluable service, support and advice, as did Internal Auditor Neil Gledson; their attention to detail has helped put the Parish Council on a strong footing. During the year Nick stepped down as Clerk, but the Parish Council were delighted to be able to make a small presentation to him to mark his many years of service to the Parish in varying roles. We welcomed new Clerk Nige Mayglothling who has been equally appreciative of his support. Nige has continued Nick’s good works and the Parish Council are all grateful to him for his efforts and enthusiasm.

We were also ably supported over the year by Rushcliffe Councillor Tina Combellack and County Councillor Richard Butler. Tina was especially helpful around us achieving 100% feedback on Planning Applications and Richard proved a good ally in our repeated efforts to get VIA Highways to take (any) appropriate action within the Parish... that battle is ongoing. Colston Bassett was re-aligned politically to a new Bingham West ward during the year so we will lose Richards direct influence but we look forward to working on Highways and other concerns with our newly elected Nottinghamshire County Councillor Neil Clark.

Colston Bassett has been a hive of building activity; with so many developments taking place the Parish has seen some interesting changes. The Parish Council establishment of a Working Party to lead the development of a Neighbourhood Plan will see development shaped more as parishioners would like to see for future developments, with indicative early feedback suggesting development  of a range of more diverse and affordable housing would be  appreciated within the Parish, rather than more larger-scale conversions and large properties. The whole Parish have had an opportunity to engage in the Neighbourhood Plan process, be it in attending the Open Day launch, or in providing feedback with their own ideas on the future shape of the Parish. This ongoing and important work will be a key part of the Councils focus over the coming year, so my thanks to Josie Mcguirk, Suzi McCullough, David Lambert and Nick Goddard for their leadership and hard work. With YourLocale recently engaged as our Project Consultants and significant grant-aid already secured I am hopeful this work will proceed apace and I would also encourage all individuals, families and local businesses to get involved with your Neighbourhood Plan.

The Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) continued to manage and safeguard the principle village asset and whilst recognising the excellent work of this volunteer group the Parish Council were also able to amend their own Standing Orders to correctly reflect the relationship between the two bodies. The Defibrillator account was topped up to better cover replacement liabilities and thanks passed to Jackie Fish for her weekly monitoring checks on this potentially life-saving asset. Consideration has also been given to repairing the roof of the Village Shelter. Financial prudence has put the Parish Council in a reasonable position to deliver on Local Services, such as the local mowing-contract that covers St Marys and smaller pockets in the centre of the village, and also to cover other liabilities, e.g. towards repaying the Village Hall loan

Other events of note were the hugely successful Duck Race led by John and Bunty Fletcher, Jill Faulks and their trusty volunteers, the Annual Fete delivered by many of the VHMC and the success of so many local charity Fund-raisers & other events held in the Village Hall, and of our “local” Cricket Team. The Annual Litter Pick saw a troop of volunteers aged from four to “just over eighty” gather over two dozen bags of rubbish and other assorted “treasures”. A monthly Village Update provided a sometimes irreverent review of local events and concerns, whilst all new residents will in future get a hopefully- informative welcome to Colston Bassett from the Parish Council.

Cllr Richard Jackson Chair, Colston Bassett Parish Council

APM17.05 The Report of the Village Hall Management Committee Representative: Cllr Newton reported on another successful year for the Village Hall Management Committee. The 100 Club had provided their 50% contribution to the Public Works Loan Board annual repayments for the Village Hall Loan and it continued to be well supported. Bookings had generated a steady income & the Main Hall had recently been repainted. New patio doors had been installed & lettings were up on 2016-17. The VHMC is financially stable with just over £3k in the main account. The Reserve (Improvement) Account is being topped up to meet the improvements planned over the next 5 years. The next VHMC Fundraiser is the Village Fete on July 2, 2017.

APM17.06 Financial Statements for 2016-2017: The Responsible Financial Officer presented the final unaudited accounts, Annual Statement a review of operations for the year. Hard copies of these papers are available from the Clerk on request.

Colston Bassett Annual Parish Meeting; An overview of the 2016-17 Financial Year by the Responsible Financial Officer.

The Parish Council held three bank accounts over the period: A Communities Current Account (with a cheque book facility) and a Business Reserve, both with NatWest (Bingham) and a Reserve Account for the Defibrillator held with the Co-Operative Bank (Nottingham). The account balances and any reconciliation due were noted at each Parish Council meeting. All account operations are overseen by the RFO/Clerk but in line with Parish Council Standing Orders the signatures of two Councillors are required for all cheque-operations.

Guided by the Finance Advisory Group and well served by former Clerk Parish Nick Goddard and the generous help and support of Internal Auditor Neil Gledson, the Parish Council recorded a lower than anticipated Annual Expenditure total of £8,130.07. This included two transfers to own-reserves of a combined total of £1,757. For a combination of reasons it is however unlikely that costs can be pushed down or even held at this lower threshold for future years.

Total Income for the period of £9,148.20 included the £8,500 Precept received via Rushcliffe Borough Council, the VHMC contribution to the loan payments due to the PWLB against the Village Hall and minor elements of interest and VAT reclamation. The Annual Precept clearly remains the major contributory element and as such maintaining a healthy Precept is clearly key to the operations of the Parish Council.

A significant transfer of £700 was made from the Current Account to the Defibrillator Fund Reserve, bringing that Reserved Fund closer to a full replacement value for the parish unit. It is recommended that consideration of smaller transfers continue to be considered annually, to reflect any increased unit or unit-element replacement costs going forward, as the original agreement with the Heat-Beat Trust is nearing its end. The Asset and Risk Registers for the period were both updated and agreed and the overall liabilities of the Parish Council recognised. During the year the Parish Council also transferred its Insurance business from AON to Zurich, on receipt of a more competitive like-for-like quotation.

The aim remains to continue to control costs against liabilities, commitments and responsibilities. The Parish Council is also looking to put in place a reserve that will appropriately reflect the known and potential annual liabilities of the Parish Council and to help meet the changing circumstances of Local Government finance. The impact of funding cuts at Local Government level and therefor on County operations are already seen impacting at the local level across the Parish, so the Parish Council remain focussed on maintaining service levels and financial security going forward .

Nige Mayglothling, RFO to Colston Bassett Parish Council. May 2017

APM17.07 Matters Raised by Parishioners Present at the Meeting   None

APM17.08 Matters Raised by Parish Councillors. It was requested by Cllr Newton that hard copy of reports be made available to those without internet connection. The Clerk confirmed that these reports would be displayed on the Noticeboard and available from the Clerk on request.

With thanks to all present, the Chair closed the Annual Parish Meeting at 1913hrs


DRAFT Minutes for the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday April 10, 2017 from 7pm

268      Present; Cllrs R Jackson (Chair), A Alcock, C Newton, R Taylor, D Clark

In attendance  N Mayglothling (Clerk)

269      Apologies for Non-Attendance; Cllr R Thomason, Cllr Parker, Cllr Butler. The Meeting extended support for Councillor Parker, whose attendances had recently been compromised through ill-health, and it was hoped to see him able to be in attendance at meetings in the near future.

270      Declarations of Interest                     None were advised

271      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 February 2017: Approved and signed

272      Parishioners Questions                       None were advised

273      Matters arising from the Minutes of 27 February 2017 not covered elsewhere

a)         Refc Minute 227b        New Residents “Welcome Letter” Revised Draft. The redrafted letter was considered and it was agreed that the letter should come from the Parish Council as a body, otherwise fine to be used. (Action Clerk)

b)         Refc Minute 228c        Highways (Kendra Hourd March Statement). Following the last meeting The Clerk had contacted the Regional Lead of VIA Highways East Midlands to highlight a series of concerns that had been raised over a period of at least two years with VIA, none of which had been addressed. The reply from Ms Hourd had been circulated prior to the meeting. Following discussion it was resolved that the letter should be considered by the Chair and Clerk and then a draft statement circulated to Council Members for approval before circulation to Parishioners as widely as possible. (Action Chair & Clerk)

c)         Refc Minute 228i. Potential WREN Project (Village Shelter Quotations - Chair) The Chair reported that nobody wished to quote for this job at present as they are all busy, but that further consideration of potential repairs would be sought as possible.

d)         Refc Minute 246. Speedwatch Update (Cllr Parker) Cllr Parker was unwell so the Clerk will contact Cllr Parker and PC Howard Shinn to see where we are on beginning to start any 2017 sessions.

e)         Refc Minute 266. Village Litter Pick (April 2 2017) Report. The Clerk reported that despite having to purchase pick-sticks and the apparent delivery of 40 bags made by Streetwise going to the wrong place, other materials had been sourced and well over a dozen people had contributed directly on the day, with around another dozen residents having volunteered directly to clean up pre-identified areas around the village independently, either on or around the day. Over 25 sacks of rubbish and a pile of assorted tyres, signs and other detritus had been collected at the Village Hall and removed 24hrs later by Streetwise. It was noted that fly-tipping on private property was now a real problem for local residents. A note to events passing through the village may help to reduce litter too. (Action Clerk)

274      Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (CBNP) Update by CBNP Working Party

Members of the Working Group were in attendance. The report on the successful March 11 Launch Event had been circulated previously and the group were thanked for their hard work, which had seen 86 people visit the Launch Event representing 39 of the 99 occupied residencies in the village and the recording of 864 separate comments, that have since been tabulated and analysed. Their CBNP Launch Report to Residents had also been circulated to Council Members and the Working Group will now progress to producing a vision statement based on the comments received. Themes picked up outside of the remit of a Neighbourhood Plan, such as a Village Shop, could perhaps be picked up by the Parish Council, as it could be worth progressing these ideas through other avenues rather than losing them. The Parish Council agreed on this point and would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in developing a community shop or something similar around this theme.

The Working Group notified the meeting that working with the appointed Consultant (YourLocale) and the Clerk that a Locality Grant Application for £4,200 had now been drawn up and submitted by the Working Group Treasurer on behalf of the Parish Council, as was previously agreed. Given the difficulties of opening a separate account hold any funds any Locality Award Funding will be lodged in but separately ring-fenced within the Parish Council Current Account & any Working Party fees or charges will be set against such funding. A further Locality Grant application & the potential for an Awards for All grant application were also noted again.

The Working Party were thanked for their excellent work to date and Launch attendees also thanked for their many and varied contributions. It was noted that attendees came from all areas of the parish and that it was especially pleasing to see many new villagers also contributing to the process. The Grant Application process and the circulation of the Report to Residents were both APPROVED.

Thanks were also passed to Mike Fish and to other members of the Colston Bassett History Group for their invaluable help in sourcing so many appropriate photographs for display at the Launch Event.

275      Village Hall

i) Village Hall Management Committee updates (Cllr Newton). The Minutes of the most recent VHMC Meetings had been previously circulated and were NOTED.

ii)         2017-18 Parish Council Nominated Representatives for the VHMC. The meeting noted the pending VHMC AGM on April 24. Cllr Newton was thanked for his good work representing the Parish Council with the VHMC over the past year and the Parish Council approved the nomination of Cllr Newton to continue in this role. The Parish Council will explore options to nominate their second representative in due course to the Village Hall Management Committee, but it was noted that the scheduling of VHMC Meetings during the working day often excluded any participation by many of the Parish Councillors or by any other individuals still engaged in active day-time employment.

276      To Receive and Sign as appropriate the Annual Governance Statement (S1) The first section of the 2016-17 Annual Report, the Annual Governance Statement, was tabled by the Clerk. Comments recorded by the External Auditor (Grant Thornton) on the 2015-16 process with regard to an inappropriate over-extended period for the Public Exercise of Rights and an error in signing the 2015-16 Parts One (Governance) and Two (Finance) under the same Minute were noted. The Parish Council would again attempt to be compliant. Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Chair should signed the 2016-17 Annual Governance Statement as tabled on behalf of the Parish Council.

277      Financial Matters.

a)         To NOTE the 2016-17 Accounting Statements as at 31/03/17 as presented by the RFO (S2); The RFO submitted an overview of the 2016-17 accounts as at Year End. As statements from NatWest had only arrived on the day and the Co-Op statements were still awaited it had not been possible to formally close the accounts for the year, so the 2016-17 Accounting Statements (S2) will be presented for authorisation at the May meeting

b)         Current Reconciled and Projected Positions were noted, pending arrival of statements

NatWest          Current £2626.13       Deposit Account  £10,796.06

Co-Op             Defibrillator Account  £1486.51 (including £700 transfer)

Current Total In addition to other Declared Assets, Cash at Bank totalled £14,908.70

c)         Closure of Co-Op Account – Due Process and online accounts It was noted that the Account chosen to transfer to from the Co-Op was an online account and that an Operator who is not an account signatory may not be allowed, as is the case with many interest-bearing and other accounts. The Clerk & Chair will investigate options further and liaise on appropriate options and actions. ACTION CLERK & CHAIR

d)         The meeting NOTED Payment of Items presented as falling due before MARCH 31 2017

i)          Neighbourhood Plan Refreshment; J Mayglothling (£7.02) paid

ii)         Litter Picker Sticks x 7 & sundries; N Mayglothling (£41.47) paid


e)         The Meeting NOTED a VAT Reclaim for £116.16 to 28/02/2017 received from HMRC

f)         The Meeting AGREED the payment of Neighbourhood Plan Launch Expenses (stationary and sundries, J McGuirk, £68.54). In combination with Refreshment charges it was noted that the Launch Event had cost only £75.56 of the £250 allocated by the Parish Council.

g)         It was NOTED that the Unaudited Financial Statement for the Financial Year 2016-2017 (Annual Return Part Two) will be presented at the May Annual Parish Council Meeting

h)         It was NOTED that the Period of Public Exercise of Rights will also be notified at the May Annual Parish Council Meeting.

i)          It was NOTED that the Nationally agreed 2017/18 Clerk Remuneration Pay Scales and the Clerks Contract reflected that the Colston Bassett Parish Clerk should be paid as follows;  LC1 SCP 16 , payable at £9.054/hr, so £1,883.23pa / £156.94pcm. THIS REMUNERATION WAS AGREED. In order to prevent any potential perceived conflict of interests with due process the current Payroll Agreement with CA Plus will now continue for 2017/18. APPROVED

278      Planning Applications & Notices received

The outcome of the following Planning applications was noted;  (CBPC  /  RBC Decision)

a) 16/03002/FUL Home Farm Harby Lane; Roundhouse; (Support/Approved)

b) 17/00362/FUL (Best) Tall Timbers (Not Object/Conditional Approval)

c) 17/00478/AGRIC Agricultural Shed at Hills Farm; (Support/Approved)

) A decision by RBC with regard to the following application was still awaited;

17/00102/OUT Land on School Lane (Le Marchant-Connell) (Support/Pending)

e) The Meeting NOTED that the Rushcliffe Town & Parish Annual Meeting will be held at Rushcliffe Arena on 16 June, 2017. When further information is circulated by RBC about this meeting Parish Councillors will endeavour to ensure that Colston Bassett is represented.

f) It was NOTED that the Notice of County Council Elections due on Thursday May 4 2017 had been duly displayed on the Parish Noticeboards. As Colston Bassett has been electorally-realigned from Cotgrave into a new Bingham West Ward the Parish Council wished to place on record their appreciative thanks for the support, time & effort demonstrated over many years by NCC Cllr Richard Butler, who is standing for re-election in the Cotgrave Ward so whose services will sadly be lost to Colston Bassett.  As Cllr Butler was involved in an over-running meeting elsewhere, and was unable to attend, a formal letter of thanks will also be sent by the Clerk. (Action Clerk)

g) Other Communications as received by the Clerk.

i)  After a brief discussion around a previously-circulated e-communication received by the Clerk and by many other parishioners it was agreed that the response given by the Parish Clerk was in keeping with the position of the Parish Council. No further conversation will be entered into, nor any further consideration given to, either this or any further communications of a similar nature emanating from the same source.

ii) Best Kept Village; Noting the many and extensive building works in  the village and the destruction of many verges by inappropriate traffic it was decided that there would be no entry to this competition for this year. Entries for future years will be reviewed as appropriate at the time of each invitation.

279      Councillors Urgent Items

i)          Assets of Community Value update. Cllr Taylor informed the meeting that he was keen to protect the continuance of a Village Pub in Colston Bassett and was looking for the Parish Council to lead on this. Work was being done by the Vale of Belvoir CaMRA to help communities to protect their public houses via a determined-usage and a restricted parishioner-purchase programme, and that CaMRA paperwork could be available to assist in this matter. In discussion it was noted that other villages had also explored this protectionist scheme to purchase and self-manage “their” public houses as Assets of Community Value. It was questioned if the Colston Bassett “asset-operators” had been approached on this subject and how they and any other commercially-operating “village-assets” might respond to such a classification process or to similar approaches. Following discussion the Parish Council, whilst looking to be supportive of all local businesses, on balance did not feel it appropriate to look to lead or to seek to influence this scheme. Cllr Taylor may clearly continue to pursue this initiative as an individual and to seek other local support as appropriate, but would not be acting on behalf of the Parish Council in so doing.

280      It was NOTED that the next meetings were; The Annual Parish Meeting on May 22 2017 in the Village Hall from 7pm, which would be followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting, including the Election of Parish Council Officers. Apologies in advance were received from Cllr Clark.

With thanks to all for their attendance, the meeting closed at 8:26pm

Monday 22nd May 2017, following the Annual Parish Meeting (post c7:15)



1          To record those present and to note any apologies for absence        (Clerk)

2          Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for the 2017-18 Parish Year (In line with Local Government regulations the 2016-17 CBPC Chair remains in office and also chairs the meeting until the 2017-18 CBPC Chair is elected)

3          To receive any declarations of interest from members in matters due for consideration at the meeting.

4          To Note that the Minutes of the previous Annual Parish Council Meeting held on May 23 2016.are as previously approved (September 2016)

5          Minutes of the previous Parish Council Meeting, held on April 10 2017

6          Matters arising from the previous minutes of April 10 2017:

i)          273b   CBPC and Via Highways correspondence (Chair)

ii)         273c   Village Shelter repairs (Chair)

iii)        273d   SpeedWatch update (Cllr Parker / Clerk)

7          Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Update (CBBP WP)

8          Parishioners Question Time (max 15 minutes)

9          Report of Village Hall Committee Representative (Cllr Newton)

10        Financial Matters:

a) Payment of Items falling due before June 2018 (Clerk)

b) Financial Report and the 2016-17 Unaudited Accounts Return (RFO)

c) Level and Receipt of 2017-18 Precept (RFO)

d) Annual Return Submission & Notice of Period of Public Rights (Clerk)

e) Request from Notts County Football Club (Football in the Community) for funding support from CBPC for this financial year

f) Zurich Insurance Renewal for 2017-18 (Clerk)

11.       Planning Applications & Other Communications received:                (Clerk)

12.       Councillor’s Urgent Items

13.       Date of next meeting – 26 June 2017, Colston Bassett Village Hall, 7pm