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Draft Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting to be held on Monday July 27th from 7pm via Zoom

Please find below the Draft Agenda for the Colston Bassett Parish Council Meeting. to be held on 27 July 2020. The Public and Press are welcome to attend this online (via Zoom) meeting and speaking rights on specific topics may also be granted with 24hrs prior written notice to the Parish Clerk.

Draft Agenda for the 2020 Colston Bassett Village Hall Management Committee AGM, to be held on Monday 20th July from 7pm via Zoom

Draft Agenda for an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council via Zoom on Monday 6th July 2020

Colston Bassett Parish Council will be holding a short Meeting over Zoom on Monday 6th July 2020 from 7pm. The Agenda is attached, with the Meeting ID & Password available to The Press and Public from the Clerk either by email or phone. This Meeting will deal with a transfer of Banking provider & updating of CBPC Financial Regulations, to accommodate Online Banking & other revisions. Please request access at least 24hrs before the meeting to ensure you get the required Meeting ID & password ahead of the meeting if you wish to attend. Many thanks. Nige Mayglothling, Clerk to CBPC.

Parish Council Vacancies

As parishioners may be aware there is an unfilled seat on the Parish Council dating from the May 2019 Elections. Under the current Covid-19 revised Regulations this vacancy may still be filled by co-option.

As of late June 2020 with the resignation of Tony Makin a second vacancy has occurred. If ten parishioners so request an election process for this second vacancy will be held, although this election may not be able to take place until 6 May 2021. However, if an election is not requested before 14 July 2020 the Parish Council may also fill this second post by co-option.

Any eligible person interested in being considered for either vacancy may approach any of the Parish Councillors or The Parish Clerk for either informal discussions, to register their interest or to request further details on the nomination process as they so wish. Details on how to request that an election be held are posted on the Parish Noticeboard.

Nige Mayglothling, Clerk to Colston Bassett Parish Council, 23 June 2020.

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held from 7pm on 8th June 2020.

In line with allowances under the ongoing Covid-19 Regulations the Colston Bassett Annual Parish Council Meeting was delayed from it's originally scheduled date of 18th May 2020 and was instead held online utilising the ZOOM facility from 7pm on 8th June 2020. Draft Minutes of this meeting are as attached and as displayed in hard copy on the Parish Noticeboards.

2019-20 Annual Audit; Notice of Public Rights Period

In line with Annual Audit procedures Colston Bassett Parish Council have reviewed the 2019-20 Financial Governance and Annual Accounts and as an Exempt Authority are pleased to give Notice of the Period of Public Rights. As per the attached papers this period will run from Monday 15 June 2020 to Friday 24 July 2020. A hard copy of these papers is also available to view on the Parish Noticeboards adjacent to Colston Bassett Village Hall.

Nige Mayglothling,

Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer to Colston Bassett Parish Council,

Tuesday 9 June 2020