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Draft Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting, to be held on October 19, 2020 from 1900hrs over Zoom

Any Member of the Press or Public wishing to attend this online meeting should please contact The Clerk for access information at least 24hrs ahead of the meeting.

1) Those Present, In Attendance & any Apologies for absence
2) Declarations of Interest in matters listed for consideration

3) Consideration of the Parish Council Meeting Minutes held on 7 September 2020.

4) Matters Arising from the Parish Council Meeting held on 7 September 2020
i) Street Cleaning Cllr Mcguirk
ii) The Knoll and Conservation Area Protection Cllr Goddard
iii) Parish Council Website Updates Cllr Mcguirk
iv) RBC Tree Scheme Site(s) for 10 English Oaks Clerk / All
v) Unitary Authorities Proposals Cllr Mcguirk
vi) Defib Training Update Clerk
vii) Mowing Contract (Renewal for 2021 Season) Clerk

5) County & Borough Councillor Updates
i) Nottinghamshire County Council NCC Cllr N Clarke
a) Speed Limits on Hall Lane
b) New Items
ii) Rushcliffe Borough Council RBC Cllr T Combellack

6) Local Covid 19 Update Cllr D Clark

7) Village Hall Management Committee Update Cllr Jackson

8) Planning Cllr Goddard
i) To Consider New Planning Applications
a) Variation to allow Swimming Pool enclosure, Colston (Lane) Lodge
b) (20/01443/FUL) New Windows at The Old Post Office
ii) To NOTE Previous Planning Applications CBPC RBC
a) 20/00720/790 FUL Home Fm (New Rd) Supported Granted
b) 19/02593/FUL The Knoll (Re-sited Garage) Objected Granted
c) 19/02622/FUL School Lane (Site Actions) Objected Discharged
d) 20/01269RELDEM & 20/01217/FUL The Elms Objected Pending

9) Finance Cllr D Clark & RFO
i) To NOTE current balance statements on Parish Council Accounts (@12/10/20)
(All Unity Trusts statements are available to view online by Parish Councillors)
a) NatWest Current October Statement £3,426.91
Liability HMRC PAYE Chq 170 (£218.80) £3,208.11
b) NatWest Reserve October Statement (closure requested) £19580.14
c) Co-Op ex-Defib (balance of £4k PC Loan to VHMC) £ 2,735.82
d) Unity Trust De-Fib Account 952 (New Defib, ex Co-Op) £2,486.51
e) Unity Trust Reserve Account 965 £0
f) Unity Trust Current Account T1 936 WAS £5,000.00 £3,829.77
ii) To NOTE VHMC Loan Account (held in Co-Op ex-Defib as above) £2,735.82
Known Liabilities: VH Repairs & New Storage Area (£1,257.82) & Covid (£266.60)
Total Loan Remaining Available after Liability WAS £1,478.00 (£1211.40)
ii) CBPC Items falling due for settlement before 31 October 2020 RFO
a) SLCC Annual Membership: 50% subsidy (Clerks Expenses) £109 / £54.50
b) Village Hall Honours Board Lettering (Mr R Wall) £143.65
c) De-Fib Replacement Adult Pads (S/O; Clerks Expenses) £87.60
d) Consideration of purchasing Children’s Pads (sits with School)

iii) Longer Term Financial Authorisations Cllr D Clark
a) To NOTE Q2 Final Payments Clerks Q2 Salary £875.28
Clerks Q2 Expenses £64.95
Q2 HMRC PAYE £218.80
b) To NOTE & APPROVE Clerks NPA/JNC 2020-21 Scale 6 Salary £10.24/hr
(RFO notified Community Accounting Plus of this change to national rates)
c) To APPROVE in principle
i) Monthly Settlement of the Clerks Salary by Standing Order on 28th monthly
(Total will be £10.24 x 8hrs x 52 weeks divided by 12 months, less PAYE liability)
ii) Settlement of any variances in Items i) or iii) by additional one-off payments.
(settlement of Q1 & Q2 PAYE & Salary was achieved in September Payroll)
iii) Regular, Post-Meeting re-imbursement of authorised Clerks Expenses
iv) Closure of all NatWest Accounts, with full transfer to Unity Trust Bank

10) Environmental Community Actions Cllr Jennings

11) Parishioners Questions / Notifications (as notified ahead of the meeting)

12) Councillors Urgent Items (as notified ahead of the meeting)
i) Christmas Tree, Carols & Social Considerations Cllr D Clark
ii) Community Asset Status (Martins Arms) Cllr Jennings
ii) Local Remembrance Day arrangements Cllr Mcguirk

13) Format and Dates of Parish Council Meetings:
i) To review available meeting formats under current Covid-19 Regulations.

ii) Future dates; (FAG November 2) November 16 December 14

iii) 2021 Proposals (all Mondays from 7pm)
January 18 March 1 April 12 May 24 June 28 August 2
September 6 October 11 FAG October 25 November 8 December 13

Minutes of the 7 September 2020 Parish Council Meeting

M671) i)          Confirmation of Receipt of Acceptance Papers.

The Clerk confirmed receipt of the requisite papers from Cllr J Jennings, received on 3.9.2020. Cllr Jennings was thus NOTED as entitled to participate fully in the meeting and was warmly welcomed by the Chair and all present.

ii)         Those Present: Cllrs J Mcguirk (Chair), D Clark (Vice-Chair), N Goddard, S Manea-Nelken & J Jennings

iii)       In Attendance: NCC Cllr N Clarke, RBC Cllr T Combellack & CBPC Clerk N Mayglothling  

iv)        Apologies: Cllr R Jackson

M672) Declarations of Interest in matters listed for consideration             None

M673) i) Consideration of Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 July 2020.

            Council RESOLVED to accept the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 July 2020; Proposed Cllr Mcguirk, Seconded Cllr Goddard.

            ii) Matters Arising from the Parish Council Meeting held on 27 July 2020

  1. M634d) Mowing Contract. Council NOTED that Cllr Goddard & The Clerk had met with the Contractors (Streetwise) at St Mary’s during the contractors last visit. An extended cut-area to include the approach & turning area outside the churchyard and the area inside the Church had been discussed and a quotation for an additional £400pa for these areas notified. These cuts will be charged pro-rata on the remaining 2020 cuts. Acceptance of this revision was recommended by Cllr Goddard and The RFO and Council RESOLVED to take these additional-area costings on board for 2020. Council NOTED that the overall standard of cut in all areas met with their requirements & Streetwise were thanked for their flexibility, particularly in relation to St Marys.
  • M663a) Washpit Lane Drainage

It was NOTED that the drain was marked for attention, and repairs awaited. NCC Cllr N Clarke informed the meeting that the Highways Manager had also confirmed that there was also some clearance work required to an adjacent land drain / dyke that was the responsibility of the adjacent landowner to clear. Clerk to advise landowner accordingly. Action Clerk

  • M663b) Flooding & Winter Planning;
  • Council NOTED that around 60 sandbags have been delivered by

NCC Highways. Flood-risk Area Residents on Bunison and Harby Lane were all hard-copy circulated, with a request slip to respond with their “numeric needs.” Sand bags will now be allocated by The Clerk against the returns.

  1. NCC Cllr Clarke informed the meeting that representatives of the

Internal Drainage Board had inspected the Smite & confirmed that it remained free-flowing and un-silted, so was not in need of dredge-clearance.

  1. Council NOTED ongoing support from the local MP Ruth Edwards,

who was looking to bring forward a cross-Rushcliffe Flood Report & Plan. It was noted that the principal issues relate to Bunison Lane drainage, with the lack of substantive (fit for purpose) drains in that area & the loss of historical holding ponds and field drains of concern. Ruth Edwards MP was thanked for her ongoing active engagement on this matter.

iv) Cllr Mcguirk informed Council that Rushcliffe Borough Council had confirmed that Street cleaning in the village was undertaken only twice per year, namely in April and October. She expressed concern that the frequency was insufficient. The build-up of detritus in gutters is being washed into the drains causing more blockages & is likely to contribute to flooding. Council reflected that additional cleaning would obviously facilitate better drainage & Cllr Mcguirk has approached Rushcliffe Borough Council in respect of additional service (& potential costs), but with no response from Rushcliffe to date.

v)         Council NOTED that the annual “free” 100kg winter grit-salt

allowance has been ordered by The Clerk, for delivery to the Village Hall.

M674) County & Borough Councillor Updates

i)          Nottinghamshire County Council                           NCC Cllr N Clarke

a)         Speed Limits on Hall Lane NCC Cllr N Clarke informed the meeting that this matter was still under consideration by Highways, who will issue the results of their considerations in time for work to begin in 2021 if this project is deemed appropriate / prioritised for action.

b)         Local Recycling Centre Consideration of a new Recycling Plant (off Hollygate Lane in Cotgrave) was deferred by NCC pending correct mapping of the proposed site. It was envisaged that proposals for this site will be brought forward again in October 2020 and, if agreed, the new site would hopefully become operational by late 2021.

  • Local Government Reorganisation National Government has advanced plans for a consultation in the coming months on the future shape of Local Government, including the possibility of introducing larger, single-tier, single county-area, Unitary Authorities. Response to the Consultation will be open to all.

ii)        Rushcliffe Borough Council                             RBC Cllr T Combellack

            a)         Rushcliffe Tree Scheme 2020. Council NOTED the 2020 scheme was open for applications and Council endorsed The Clerk to negotiate with local landowners for the placement of a further 10 native English Oak Trees to be acquired through this process. Parishioners can also apply for two native trees each for their own areas.

b)         It was noted that RBC would have a local Covid-19 Testing capacity at the RBC Civic Centre in mid-September, information on which (from Cllr Combellack) had already been e-circulated to residents by The Clerk.

c)         Cllr Combellack informed the meeting that the RBC Local Awards had also just been launched and requested that any nominee-names be forwarded to her as soon as possible. It was thought that the Awards this year were likely to largely focus on recognising C-19 volunteers and support-services.

M675) Local Covid 19 Update                                                  Cllr D Clark

Cllr Clark reported that the ongoing contact & communicate support processes were still ongoing, and appeared to be both helpful and appreciated by local residents.

M676) Village Hall Management Committee Update     Cllr Jennings & The Clerk

In the absence of Cllr Jackson (who is interim VHMC Chair and “responsible person” with regard to VH operational matters), VH Member Cllr Jennings & The Clerk reported on recent VHMC developments. A meeting of the new VH Committee is planned for September 16th, to appoint new Officers and to assess the work already done by Committee members to date, with a view to re-opening & operating the Hall asap. Cllr Jennings informed the meeting that he was likely to assume the role of Treasurer, with Secretariat roles split between two other members. Consideration of a bespoke VH website and of an online booking capacity were already underway.

Council supported the moves taken to date and thanked all the VHMC volunteers for their work; it was NOTED that key actions were to access the VH bank accounts & change signatories & Cllr Jennings was wished well in this undoubted challenge. Council further NOTED that the balance of the PC Loan remains available in the PC Co-Op Account in the interim to support the new VH Committee, with repayment of that loan and the PWLB contribution not due until the end of February 2021.

M677) Planning

i)          National Planning Policy Review & Parish Council Response        Cllr Goddard Cllr Goddard presented an overview of his pre-circulated proposed response to the National Planning Policy consultation. Cllr Goddard thanked Cllrs Mcguirk & Clark for their suggestions and support, and Council RESOLVED to endorse and support the proposed responses. Council thanked Cllr Goddard for producing an outstanding & highly professional response to the Planning Consultation on behalf of the Parish Council. It was agreed that The Clerk should now communicate this response to Central Government.                                 ACTION CLERK

ii)         New Planning Applications          No new applications were noted.

iii)       Previous Planning Applications                CBPC             RBC

  1. 20/00720/790 FUL Home Fm (New Rd)       Supported        Pending
  • 19/02593/FUL      The Knoll (Re-sited Garage)      Objected   Pending
  • 19/02622/FUL      School Lane (Site Actions)       Objected       Pending          
  • 20/01269RELDEM & 20/01217/FUL The Elms      Objected         Pending

The Objections of Historic England & the Environment Officer were NOTED & communications between Cllr Combellack and the EO remain ongoing.

  • 20/01177/FUL      Home Farm (New Rd)      Supported        Granted

M678  Finance                                                                  Cllr D Clark & RFO

            i) Council NOTED the Parish Council Bank Statements

                       NatWest Current      August Statement     £8,986.97                       

(Chq169 Unity Trust Bank transfer)             (£5,000.00)     £3,986.97

         NatWest Reserve (as per statement, closure request sent)  £19,579.81

           Co-Op ex-Defib (now balance of £4k PC Loan to VHMC)        £2,735.82

Note: £2,735.82 = 4k LOAN – Expenses (Q2 £390.27 – Q1 £873.91)

      Unity Trust    De-Fib Account 95 (New Defib, ex Co-Op)          £2,486.51

                      Reserve Account 965                                                £0

                      Current Account T1 936                                          £5,000.00

ii) VHMC Loan Account (now held in Co-Op ex-Defib)            £2,735.82

Known Liability: VH Repairs & New Storage Area             (£1,257.82)

            Total Loan Remaining Available after Liability      £1,478.00

iii) Community Accounting + Payroll; Representatives ID Documentation Request.

Following discussion and written communication with the CA+ Operations Manager it was RESOLVED that no further action was required with regard to the request from CA+ for two Parish Council representatives / officers to provide their personal ID and to potentially attend the CA+ offices in Nottingham in person.

iv)        Account Reporting: Council NOTED that Unity Trust Accounts are visible online to Councillors & that work on adopting a new accounting spreadsheet is ongoing. Once UT accounts are proven as fully operational all NatWest funds will be transferred to UT, and an approach made to add Cllr Jennings to the view-access list.

v) CBPC Items falling due for settlement on or before 30 September 2020

  1. HMRC PAYE Q2 Council NOTED that the Q2 final total is awaited from CA+ Payroll, with changes likely (due to the Local Government pay award). Council APPROVED payment in principle once this final total is confirmed.
  • Clerks Village Hall Q2 (July-September) Expenses. Council NOTED that the following VH Related Expenses have already been repaid by a BACS Transfer against the VH Loan account)

ii) CBPC Q2 Clerks Expenses    Council APPROVED payment of the Clerks Q2 Parish Council related Expenses                              TOTAL claimed £64.95 Council Approved payment in principle of the Clerks Q2 Salary (July-September), with the confirmed final Q2 figure awaited from CA+.

  1. Q2 Summary           C=34.66hrs/m             P4 55hrs      P5 39hrs       P6 tbc
  1. Council NOTED that the LGA National Pay Award of 2.75% has now been agreed, backdated to 1 April 2020. Under this agreement the Clerks Salary, currently paid at Scale 6 on the National Pay Spine, moves from £9.96 to £10.24 / hour (source NALC/SLCC national circular).
  1. Cllr Clark recommended that once the Unity accounts are proven to be operational a Standing Order be put in place to meet the Salary liability, with any expenses / variations met by single adjustment payments or transfers as appropriate. That will eradicate the current three-month delay in settlement of the Clerks accounts. Council APPROVED this proposal.                                  Action Cllr Clark & RFO

M679  Parishioners Questions / Notifications;

The Clerk noted that two items had been raised by parishioners;

i)          Footpath Obstruction: Intruding Hedgerow on Church Gate near Pollards Gap

 ii)        Thistle Down Drift Complaint: Field Bordering Hall Lane / Owthorpe Lane

The Clerk reported that he had already communicated with the appropriate landowner in terms of trying to resolve both issues, Council NOTED that the pathway issue was of concern, especially given highway-constriction issues at this point. Wind-drift of seeds appeared to be more a hazard of country living and was not something that the Parish Council could remedy, other than bringing it to landowners’ attention.

M680  Councillors Urgent Items

i)          Website Update         Cllr Mcguirk Cllr Mcguirk reported on website options, as previously circulated to Cllrs, and requested feedback as appropriate from all. Council NOTED this project had already been allocated up to £1k within approved FAG recommendations for 2020-21, with up to another £1k of project funding also available due to no project-claims being advanced against it. Council RESOLVED that Cllr Mcguirk and The Clerk move to acquire / establish a new website in line with the circulated criteria and within the allocated overall £2k Project-Funding limit. Council thanked Cllr Mcguirk for her research and work on this project.

M681  Council NOTED the remaining 2020 Parish Council Meetings:

All from 7pm either Online (via Zoom) or at Colston Bassett Village Hall tbc on; October 19      (FAG November 2)     November 16  December 14

There being no further business the Chair closed the meeting at 1953 hours.

Draft Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting to be held on Monday July 27th from 7pm via Zoom

Please find below the Draft Agenda for the Colston Bassett Parish Council Meeting. to be held on 27 July 2020. The Public and Press are welcome to attend this online (via Zoom) meeting and speaking rights on specific topics may also be granted with 24hrs prior written notice to the Parish Clerk.

Draft Agenda for the 2020 Colston Bassett Village Hall Management Committee AGM, to be held on Monday 20th July from 7pm via Zoom