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Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan; Formal Notification of Pre-Submission Consultation Period

Notification of Formal Consultation on Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan
(Regulation 14 Town and Country Planning, England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012)

The Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (CBNP) has been published for consultation and the contents are attached as below as click-through links. Statutory consultees have also been contacted. If you would like to take part in the consultation, please read the information below: This consultation period runs for 6 weeks from 22 October to 3 December 2018. For clarity appendix 1 and 2 will only be added after this (Regulation 14) part of the formal process as they will also reflect feedback received at this point.

The Draft Plan and supporting documents can be viewed or downloaded from the VILLAGE NEWS section of the Colston Bassett Parish Council website  If you require a hard copy of the Draft Plan please contact the Parish Clerk:   Nige Mayglothling, 5 Church Gate, Colston Bassett, NG12 3FP  or via  or on 01949 81549.  Feedback can be sent to the Parish Clerk via the email or address as above, preferably using the Consultee Response Form  CBNP Consultee Response Form

Following this public consultation process the Draft Plan will be reviewed and then submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council, together with all the supporting documentation, including a Basic Conditions Statement and Consultation Statement setting out who has been consulted, how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations have informed the Plan.

Rushcliffe Borough Council will then invite representations, before the plan is subjected to Examination by an Independent Examiner. Once any further amendments have been made the Plan will be subject to a local Referendum; if the Referendum is successful the Plan will then be “Made” by Rushcliffe Borough Council and will become an official policy-paper, guiding development in Colston Bassett Parish.


Cllr Josie Mcguirk                                                   Nige Mayglothling

Chair, CBNP Advisory Committee                          Colston Bassett Parish Clerk


Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Draft Pre-Submission Version  CB draft NP v13 04 10 18 JM

Appendix 3: Assessment of Options for Residential Development   Appendix 3 Options for Residential Development

Appendix 4; Working Group Report; Housing Needs Summary  Appendix 4 - Intro WG Housing Needs summary_June 2017

Appendix 5; Housing Needs Report  Appendix 5 CBNP Housing Needs Report June 2017

Appendices 6a and 6b Environment and Local Green Spaces; Appdx 6a CB Enviromental Survey August 18 v2          App 6b LGS process and scoring summary

Appendix 7 Local Green Spaces photographs;   appendix 7 Local Green Spaces photos

Published 2200hrs Sunday 21 October 2018 

Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (Draft Version 8)

The Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan

Following widespread consultations with local businesses, landowners and other interested parties, and with particular regard to the feedback gathered during three public consultations with parishioners, the hard work of a large group of local volunteers has now been gathered together into Draft Version Eight of the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan. Whilst minor changes (and grammatical corrections) may still be made, once the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is adopted by the Parish Council that pre-Submission version of your Neighbourhood Plan will be made available for wider consultation. The Parish Council will also publicise further opportunities to meet and discuss the content of the Draft Plan locally. Any correspondence regarding the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan should be addressed to The Colston Bassett Parish Clerk and can be delivered or sent to 5 Church Gate, Colston Bassett, Nottingham, NG12 3FP or sent by email to

Once comments have been collated and any amendments taken on board the Draft Plan will also eventually become subject to comment (and potential change) as a result of the National Inspection process, but it will continue to reflect the clear local steer already reflected within your Plan, set within the wider context of National Planning Policies. Whilst the Draft Plan already reflects the clear majority direction of their feedback to date, parishioners will also get a further opportunity during the ongoing formal process to vote for or against adopting the (Final Version) Neighbourhood Plan in a Parish-wide referendum.

For your information the latest version of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, Version Eight, is published below. Further revisions of the Neighbourhood Plan will be published as appropriate and parishioners kept informed of the ongoing process accordingly.

Nige Mayglothling, Clerk to Colston Bassett Parish Council

Colston Bassett Draft Neighbourhood Plan Version 8, released 12 September 2018

CB draft NP v8 12 9 18

Neighbourhood Plan Parishioners Feedback May 2018 Open Consultation

Following the Neighbourhood Plan reporting process to the June 2018 Parish Council Meeting, Council supported publication of the statistical report and feedback comments as recorded by Parishioners. All parishioner feedback comments have been recorded and included and the closing statistical report presents the raw-numeric views of all attending parishioners with regard to their support of the draft Neighbourhood Plan Community Actions and draft Neighbourhood Plan Policies as presented.

NP Feedback report 21 May 2018