Draft Minutes of 16 January 2017 Parish Council Meeting


DRAFT MINUTES from the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday January 16, 2017


240 Present;  Cllrs R Jackson (Chair), A Alcock, C Newton, R Taylor & D Clark

In Attendance; Nige Mayglothling (Clerk) and two parishioners


241      Apologies for non-attendance              Cllrs K Parker & R Thomason, RBC Cllr Combellack & NCC Cllr Butler


242      Declarations of Interest in any matters listed for discussion at the meeting NONE


243      Minutes of previous Parish Council Meeting held on 19 December 2016

Amendment… To note the list of “those present” has been added to the November 2016 Meeting Minutes


244      Parishioners Questions  (maximum 15 minutes)

A parishioner in attendance passed on favourable comments about the Parish Newsletter and thanked the Parish Council for this “updating” service. The Parish Newsletter is circulated electronically and a copy is also displayed on the Parish Noticeboard.                NOTED


245      Matters arising from the Minutes of 19 December 2016 not covered elsewhere

a) Refc Minute 227b; New Residents “Welcome Letter” Draft

Consideration of the draft prepared by the Clerk resulted in several suggestions that will be integrated in to the next draft as space allows. A redraft will be presented in February. Action CLERK

b) Refc Minute 228c; Parishioners Meeting with Jim Freeman NCC Highways (Cllr Clark)

Cllr Clark reported that he had spoken with David Maclaren who was in turn consulting with an appropriate group of Parishioners to meet with Jim Freeman and. M Maclaren will come back to Cllr Clark with a potential date.  ACTION Cllr CLARK

c) Refc Minute 228f; Village Emergency Plan (Cllrs Newton and Clark)

Cllr Newton reported updating is ongoing, with significant alterations having to be made.

d) Refc Minute 2228h China Bridge (Cllr Alcock and Clerk)

It was noted that the Clerk had exchanged considerable correspondence with NCC Highways regarding the inadequacies of signage at the Springhill – New Road Junction….. and that additional potentially appropriate signage had already been displayed around the UK. It was AGREED to request a Yellow warning “Ignore Sat Nav & re-route” sign from NCC  to place with the “unsuitable for HGV sign” The Parish Council are also prepared to pay for a sign if so required.  ACTION CLERK

Traffic issues around “priority confusion” on Church Gate, especially near St Johns Church, were also discussed, with several head-on confrontations observed. NOTED Highways at their last village visit were clear that they did not wish to further address this issue.

e) Refc Minute 228i; Potential WREN Projects ( Cllrs Jackson (Shelter) & Newton (Hall) )

Cllr Jackson is pursuing quotes for the Shelter & will liaise with Clerk. No discussions have yet been held on any potential Village Hall project

f) Refc Minute 234; NCC Parish Lengthsman Scheme                     (Clerk)

The Clerk reported that after much investigation revealing that the NCC Lengthmans website links didn’t function and that no-one seemed to know or take any responsibility for what was happening with the scheme, the path had led back to VIA / Highways, but that the interest of Colston Bassett in the scheme had at least been registered


246      Speedwatch Update: Cllr Parker was absent, so this item deferred to February as action is unlikely before Spring.    (Cllr Parker)


247      Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan    (S/O 16.2: A Parish Council Working Party) Two Parishioners were in attendance and were invited to contribute to this item. Following a wide ranging discussion on potential requirements and time-scales

a)         The Parish Council RESOLVED to appoint a Working Party to investigate and lead the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Colston Bassett

b)         It was AGREED that Josie McGuirk and Nick Goddard were to be invited to act as the Working Party Lead Persons on behalf of the Parish Council and to produce an initial Project Plan & overview of potential costs to present at the February Parish Council Meeting. A Lead Steering Group of potentially 6-8 people was envisaged, including at least one representative of the Parish Council.

c)         Funding & initial payment needs until project-launch at a Public Meeting: Cllr Clark proposed that up to £250 of preliminary funding be made available by the Parish Council to the Working Party, seconded Cllr Alcock     AGREED Unanimously

iv)        Following appropriate interest and support at the Public Meeting the Working Party will then progress to request the Parish Council submit a formal Grant Funding Application. A maximum of £9k is available in up to four tranches with the final funding round currently due in 2017-18.All grant money has to be spent either by the end of each financial year or within six months, whichever is the shorter period

v)         Notice of the Public Meeting in May will be posted in hard copy and online and Paper Copies will also be hand delivered.to identified off-line parishioners.


248      Village Hall Matters

a) Update on VHMC meetings and communications (Cllr Newton & Clerk); Cllr Newton reported on the most recent VHMC meeting. Although the VHMC Chair was not available group members did discuss the queries raised by the Parish Council.

Minutes; Minutes are signed off and hard copies given to VHMC members.

Finance; Minutes include a Financial Statement each time, Accounts are independently audited annually

Status; VHMC disagree with the need for any public display of their Minutes and / or Finances.

Relationship; The VHMC do not recognise themselves as being a Sub Group of the Parish Council

Cllr Newton highlighted the extreme disquiet of members of the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) in appearing to be considered answerable to the Parish Council for their actions and fund-raising and tabled a written request from the VHMC.

“Will the Parish Council please provide a clear, precise, legal statement of definition of the status of the Village Hall Management Committee regarding its relationship with the Parish Council”

To aid discussions the Clerk highlighted the pertinent documents.

A         The Deed of Trust (Sealed September 1, 1973), granting Absolute Title of the Village Hall to the Parish Council. The Village Hall Management Committee are identified as the Charity Trustees. The Parish Council are identified as the Custodian Trustees

B          Colston Bassett Parish Council Standing Orders (as adopted March 14, 2011) Section 16.      Committees, Sub-Committees and Working Parties:

(1) There will be one (1) Executive Committee only.

•           This shall be the Village Hall Committee and shall comprise a minimum of two (2) councillors in its membership as nominated by the Council.

•           The Council shall delegate responsibility for certain decisions to the Executive Committee.

•           The Executive Committee shall report its decisions to the Council.

C         The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014   (Removal of External Audit) ; Revised audit procedures and requirements for Small Authorities

D.        Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (December 2014). Minutes, agendas and papers of formal meetings

29. Smaller authorities should publish the draft minutes from all formal meetings (i.e. full council or board, committee and sub-committee meetings) not later than one month after the meeting has taken place. These minutes should be signed either at the meeting they were taken or at the next meeting.

30. Smaller authorities should also publish meeting agendas, which are as full and informative as possible, and associated meeting papers not later than three clear days before the meeting to which they relate is taking place.

In discussion the Parish Councillors were keen to highlight that they are very appreciative of the voluntary work and fund-raising undertaken by the Village Hall Management Committee over many years, but were also keen to ensure any legal compliance requirements were met. It was noted that the Parish Council Standing Orders were adopted a considerable time after the establishment of the Village Hall Management Committee and that elements of custom and practice may also have become the adopted norm.

Cllr Newton provided the most recent VHMC Minutes and Financial statements and also confirmed to the Parish Council that VHMC accounts were audited annually to be compliant with Charity Commission requirements. In effect this also made the VHMC compliant with many requirements of the Transparency Code other than elements of publication.

Following discussion it was AGREED that

i)          Clarity on the legal relationship between the VHMC and Parish Council would be ascertained by the Clerk.

ii)         The Chair of the Parish Council would communicate with Cllr Newton at the earliest opportunity and then write as required to the Village Hall Management Committee members re-emphasising support for their efforts and an undertaking to continue working with the VHMC in the best interests of the village and parishioners.

iii)         Having ascertained the legal relationship, the Clerk additionally to advise the Parish Council of any errors or omissions in their Standing Orders with regard to the status and relationship of the Parish Council and the Village Hall Management Committee.ACTION CHAIR & CLERK


249      Parish Council Risk Register 2016-17: To confirm the Draft circulated in December. AGREED & ADOPTED


250      Parish Council Asset Register 2016-17: To confirm the Draft circulated in December. With the addition of the Parish Council bench at St Marys AGREED & ADOPTED


251      Financial Matters

a)         The Financial Situation as at 16/01/17 was NOTED, vis


Current Account; £4,994.46 (One unpresented cheque £45.85) Reconciliation £4,948.61

Deposit Account; £10,795.60 (9p interest added)

Co-Op Defibrillator Account

Deposit Account £786.51 (static, no interest)

The Clerk to investigate other account options that might generate interest for the De-Fib Account. ACTION CLERK

b)         2016-17 Financial End of Year Arrangements (EofY) - The Clerk requested that all items for payment within the current financial year be tabled for agreement at the February Meeting if possible, to ease in-year closure. AGREED

c)         - The Precept Application for 2017-18 has been acknowledged by Rushcliffe BC

- The Clerk will liaise with the Internal Auditor to reclaim VAT as applicable

- EofY External Audit process will start once External Audit Paperwork is received.

d)         Items falling due for payment before February 27 2017

i)          Spare Bulb for History Society Projector; Given the high cost of a replacement bulb for the Mitsubishi unit Cllr Clark suggested that the Parish Council buy a new projector as and when appropriate. Seconded by Cllr Alcock and AGREED unanimously

ii)         Notts ALC for Arnold Baker v10 (Legal Handbook) (Clerk) £72.15 (Chq 097)

iii)         Other items as notified post agenda-issue a) CA Plus Payroll & Admin to Dec 2016. £66.00 (Chq 098)

Moved by Cllr Clerk that all items be paid, seconded Cllr Newton, AGREED unanimously


252      Planning Applications & Notices received


a) 16/02658/FUL Norse Homes CBPC No Objection RBC decision Granted  NOTED

b) 16/03025/FUL&16/0984/FUL Best@Tall Timbers CPBC Not Object RBC(tbc) NOTED


c) 16/03002/FUL Shelton Home Farm Harby Lane; Roundhouse & other buildings

d) 1603110/FUL Beck, Home Fm Cottage Harby Ln; Raise Eaves, Rear Extn, Porch

e) 1603108/FUL Beck, Home Fm, Harby Ln; New access, Demolish & new Build

Following discussion of the three linked developments at Home Farm, Harby Lane, Colston Bassett, the Parish Council unanimously “agreed to support this development and would NOT Object” ACTION CLERK

f) NHS - Review of “Over the Counter Prescription Provision” Details of the Survey Monkey request by the NHS had been circulated by email to the Parish E-letter members and a hard-copy also posted on the Parish Noticeboard. Parishioners were to be encouraged to participate in the Survey that envisages the withdrawal of prescription-availability for medicines and medical aids that are available at chemists and dispensaries.


13        Councillors Urgent Items; Items raised by Cllr Taylor

a) Meeting frequency; The short (four week) gap between the December & January Meetings was queried. It was noted that the 2017 Parish Council Meetings Schedule was as agreed by Councillors in September 2016 and at several subsequent meetings.

b) Printed Copies; A request that Black Ink be used for hard-copy Minutes, as that scans onto a Computer easier than Dark Blue. Agreed Black Ink would be used whenever possible. The Clerk repeated the standing offer to provide direct electronic copy as a more effective & cheaper method of modern communication, but at the individual choice of each Councillor.

c) Cllr Taylor noted he had not had seven days of notice of the agenda for this meeting. Noted that the requirement is only 3 days of Agenda-Notice for a Parish Council Meeting.

d) Hose Lane surface noted as in a very poor state. NCC Highways Reporting Process is directly by individuals to NCC Highways (0300 500 80 80) as per information included in previous papers, not via the Parish Clerk, although several present agreed they would also be making individual complaints on the state of Hose Lane, either online or by telephone. (Also noted that Langar Lane repairs are patchy and in places of a rather poor standard)

e) Concern noted over future of the Village Pub Suggested that the Parish Council might apply for Asset of Community Value status, for which 21 Signatures are required At point of any sale / disposal an ACV then gives 6 months for a community to seek to provide funds to purchase the ACV (Pub). After some discussion it was agreed that whilst this was a matter of concern it was possibly more a matter for interested residents to pursue. Further information on the ACV process is available from CAMRA via martyn&bridget@btinternet.com

14        Next Meetings; TO NOTE

a)         Parish Council Meeting; February 27 2017, CB Village Hall

b)         Annual Parish Meeting; May 22 2017, CB Village Hall

The Meeting concluded at 8:52pm