Draft Agenda for Parish Council Meeting 25.2.2019 (reposting)

1 To record those Present, those In Attendance and any Apologies for Absence

2 Declarations of Interest in Matters scheduled for discussion

3 To receive the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 14 January 2019

4 Matters Arising from the January 2019 Minutes not covered on the Agenda & previous matter updates:
i) Matters Arising
ii) Rushcliffe Tree Scheme Individual Household and Parish Trees and the Tree Warden Scheme
To NOTE free trees are still available to Individual Households, that the Parish allocation of ten English Oaks was recently planted on land adjacent to Hall Grounds Drive by Streetwise & to discuss appointment of a Tree Warden
iii) Local Bus Services Contract Lapse and Alteration to Local Bus Services (Cllr Mcguirk)
a) To NOTE the contract for the local bus service has been annulled & is being renegotiated for April 2019
b) Report of a meeting of local users with the bus scheme co-ordinator to consider future service provision options
iv) Councillors Urgent Items (Any items requiring urgent consideration as pre-notified to The Clerk)

5 Parishioners Questions and Parish Matters (a maximum of 15 minutes)

6 County and Borough Council Updates:
i) Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Cllr N Clarke
ii) Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) Cllr T Combellack

7 Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) : (Cllr Nelkin / Clerk) To NOTE that the next meeting is due on Monday 4 March & that the PWLB donation is expected at that point

8 Financial Matters:
i) To APPROVE Payment of Items falling due before 31 March 2019;
a) Internal Auditors Honoraria 2018-19 Chq 144 £150.00
b) Neighbourhood Plan Your Locale Invoice 6 Chq 145 £1800.00
c) HMRC PAYE Q4 (total tbc) Chq 146 £100.80 tbc d) Clerk Q4 Salary & Expenses (total tbc) Chq 147* *£506.14 tbc (Apdx 1)
(Engagement 17hr20m pcm; 52/quarter (Jan 65hrs / to 17 Feb 35hrs) *tbc by CA+ advice

ii) To NOTE the Financial Position as at 5 February 2019
a) NatWest Current Account; February 2019 NatWest Statement £10062.12
Known Liabilities/Expenditure Duck Race VHMC (£91.30)
CBNP Grants (£2,500)
PWLB offset by CBVHMC donation (nil)
Items under Chqs 144-147 (+/-£2556.94) NatWest Current Account February Draft Reconciliation c£4,913.88
Q3 / Q4 VAT Reclaim due (as yet unclaimed) £397.55
b) NatWest Reserve £14,312.48
c) Co-Op De-Fib Reserve; April 2018 £1,836.51 incl. 2019 £300.00 transfer £2,136.51

iii) Financial Policy Actions (Cllr D Clark)
a) To RESOLVE the level of an initial 2018-19 Transfer to Reserves in March (RFO Recmd £3,000)
b) To ADOPT policy on an annual full transfer to reserve of all unreserved income-over-expenditure

9 Planning (Hard Copy papers will be available for inspection 30 minutes before the meeting)
i) Future Policy To NOTE that paper copies will no longer be received from RBC after April 2019
ii) New Applications
a) School Lane New Dwelling on vacant land adjacent to The Martins Arms 19/00209/FUL
b) Langar Lane Langar Lodge; Demolition and Erection of Replacement Building 19/00167/FUL

10 Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Update:
To receive an update on recent progress and feedback (Cllr Mcguirk)

11 To NOTE the remaining items on the Parish Council Calendar
Next Meetings April 8 (open to the Public) from 7pm at CBVH
Local Elections May 2 (Election of Parish Councillors) Voting at CBVH tbc
Elected Council May 13 (First Meeting of new Parish Council) from 7pm at CBVH (Additional 2019 Parish Council Meeting Dates will be confirmed after the May 13 Meeting)

Item 8/i/d Clerks Salary & Expenditure

Q4 Q4 Clerk Expenses
29.12.18 Co-Op/NW/HM - Stamps x 3 £ 1.68 nil
25.01.19 Asda Print Blk cartridges x 2 £ 28.00 £ 4.67
07.02.19 Cropwell Bishop Hall Hire £ 30.00 nil
11.02.19 Microsoft Office Invoice £ 43.20 £ 7.20
Q4 Clerks Salary Q4
January £ 134.42
February £ 134.62
March tbc*
£403.26* tbc Sal & Exp Combined
£506.14* tbc
January £ 33.80
February £ 33.60
March Tbc PAYE TBC £100.60