Draft Agenda for the Parish Council Meeting, to be held on October 19, 2020 from 1900hrs over Zoom

Any Member of the Press or Public wishing to attend this online meeting should please contact The Clerk for access information at least 24hrs ahead of the meeting.

1) Those Present, In Attendance & any Apologies for absence
2) Declarations of Interest in matters listed for consideration

3) Consideration of the Parish Council Meeting Minutes held on 7 September 2020.

4) Matters Arising from the Parish Council Meeting held on 7 September 2020
i) Street Cleaning Cllr Mcguirk
ii) The Knoll and Conservation Area Protection Cllr Goddard
iii) Parish Council Website Updates Cllr Mcguirk
iv) RBC Tree Scheme Site(s) for 10 English Oaks Clerk / All
v) Unitary Authorities Proposals Cllr Mcguirk
vi) Defib Training Update Clerk
vii) Mowing Contract (Renewal for 2021 Season) Clerk

5) County & Borough Councillor Updates
i) Nottinghamshire County Council NCC Cllr N Clarke
a) Speed Limits on Hall Lane
b) New Items
ii) Rushcliffe Borough Council RBC Cllr T Combellack

6) Local Covid 19 Update Cllr D Clark

7) Village Hall Management Committee Update Cllr Jackson

8) Planning Cllr Goddard
i) To Consider New Planning Applications
a) Variation to allow Swimming Pool enclosure, Colston (Lane) Lodge
b) (20/01443/FUL) New Windows at The Old Post Office
ii) To NOTE Previous Planning Applications CBPC RBC
a) 20/00720/790 FUL Home Fm (New Rd) Supported Granted
b) 19/02593/FUL The Knoll (Re-sited Garage) Objected Granted
c) 19/02622/FUL School Lane (Site Actions) Objected Discharged
d) 20/01269RELDEM & 20/01217/FUL The Elms Objected Pending

9) Finance Cllr D Clark & RFO
i) To NOTE current balance statements on Parish Council Accounts (@12/10/20)
(All Unity Trusts statements are available to view online by Parish Councillors)
a) NatWest Current October Statement £3,426.91
Liability HMRC PAYE Chq 170 (£218.80) £3,208.11
b) NatWest Reserve October Statement (closure requested) £19580.14
c) Co-Op ex-Defib (balance of £4k PC Loan to VHMC) £ 2,735.82
d) Unity Trust De-Fib Account 952 (New Defib, ex Co-Op) £2,486.51
e) Unity Trust Reserve Account 965 £0
f) Unity Trust Current Account T1 936 WAS £5,000.00 £3,829.77
ii) To NOTE VHMC Loan Account (held in Co-Op ex-Defib as above) £2,735.82
Known Liabilities: VH Repairs & New Storage Area (£1,257.82) & Covid (£266.60)
Total Loan Remaining Available after Liability WAS £1,478.00 (£1211.40)
ii) CBPC Items falling due for settlement before 31 October 2020 RFO
a) SLCC Annual Membership: 50% subsidy (Clerks Expenses) £109 / £54.50
b) Village Hall Honours Board Lettering (Mr R Wall) £143.65
c) De-Fib Replacement Adult Pads (S/O; Clerks Expenses) £87.60
d) Consideration of purchasing Children’s Pads (sits with School)

iii) Longer Term Financial Authorisations Cllr D Clark
a) To NOTE Q2 Final Payments Clerks Q2 Salary £875.28
Clerks Q2 Expenses £64.95
Q2 HMRC PAYE £218.80
b) To NOTE & APPROVE Clerks NPA/JNC 2020-21 Scale 6 Salary £10.24/hr
(RFO notified Community Accounting Plus of this change to national rates)
c) To APPROVE in principle
i) Monthly Settlement of the Clerks Salary by Standing Order on 28th monthly
(Total will be £10.24 x 8hrs x 52 weeks divided by 12 months, less PAYE liability)
ii) Settlement of any variances in Items i) or iii) by additional one-off payments.
(settlement of Q1 & Q2 PAYE & Salary was achieved in September Payroll)
iii) Regular, Post-Meeting re-imbursement of authorised Clerks Expenses
iv) Closure of all NatWest Accounts, with full transfer to Unity Trust Bank

10) Environmental Community Actions Cllr Jennings

11) Parishioners Questions / Notifications (as notified ahead of the meeting)

12) Councillors Urgent Items (as notified ahead of the meeting)
i) Christmas Tree, Carols & Social Considerations Cllr D Clark
ii) Community Asset Status (Martins Arms) Cllr Jennings
ii) Local Remembrance Day arrangements Cllr Mcguirk

13) Format and Dates of Parish Council Meetings:
i) To review available meeting formats under current Covid-19 Regulations.

ii) Future dates; (FAG November 2) November 16 December 14

iii) 2021 Proposals (all Mondays from 7pm)
January 18 March 1 April 12 May 24 June 28 August 2
September 6 October 11 FAG October 25 November 8 December 13