Draft Minutes of 15 January 2018 Parish Council Meeting


361      i)          a) Present

Cllr R Jackson (Chair), Cllr A Alcock, Cllr D Clark, Cllr R Taylor,

Cllr C Newton and from Item 362 Cllr J McGuirk

Cllr Parker for Items 361 & 362 Only


b) In Attendance

Rushcliffe Borough Councillor Tina Combellack

Colston Bassett Parish Clerk Nige Mayglothling

1 Member of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group & 2 Members of the Public


c) Apologies for Non-Attendance

Nottinghamshire County Councillor N Clarke


ii)         To Co-Opt a new Parish Councillor to fill an existing vacancy

It was proposed by Cllr Jackson & seconded by Cllr Parker that Mrs Josie McGuirk, currently Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and an eligible person be co-opted to join the Parish Council to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Mr Roger Thomason. The Council RESOLVED unanimously to co-opt Mrs McGuirk, who having duly signed the required Acceptance of Office papers was welcomed to the Council. It was then further RESOLVED that Cllr McGuirk be entitled to attend and speak as a Parish Councillor during this meeting.


362      To RECEIVE & NOTE any Declarations of Interest(s) in matters on the Agenda

Item 5v (update by Clerk); the interests of Cllrs Jackson, Parker & Newton were pre-noted

Cllr Parker also declared an Interest with regard to Planning 17/02936/FUL (5 Harby Lane) so would not attend this meeting beyond item 363 acting as a Parish Councillor.


363      Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 11 December, 2017

The Clerk advised of an email letter received from a local parishioner with regard to the form & content of Parish Minutes, requesting more verbatim recording. The Clerk advised Council that current legal direction is that Parish Council Minutes should not record verbatim discussion, but should rather focus on actions & outcomes. Following discussion the Parish Council RESOLVED unanimously to continue with utilising the approved, non-verbatim style of Minutes.

Cllr Newton requested the following alterations / observations to the December Minutes:

Minute 353-(340d): Owthorpe Lane to be amended to Owthorpe Road; This was AGREED and the amendment recorded. The Chairman, having noted this amendment, signed the Minutes as the record of the meeting.


For the benefit of members of the public with interests concerning Planning Application 17/02936/FUL at 5 Harby Lane this item (recorded below as Minute 370) was advanced up the agenda and considered at this point. This item is recorded in Listed Agenda order below. Following presentation of this item the two contributing members of the public withdrew.


364      Matters Arising from the Minutes of 11 December, 2017

i)          338                  Parish Councillor Vacancy; update

The Co-Option of Mrs Josie McGuirk as per Minute 361ii) was duly noted

ii)         340b) (M311) Road Titles; updating

a) Home Farm Lane

The Chair reported that messages have been left with Claire Connell and feedback on advancing & formally identifying “Home Farm Lane” is ongoing.  ACTION CHAIR


b) Bunnison Lane (OS & Land Registry 18/12/17)

The Clerk reported that as notified by an email received on 18/12/17 the road title is officially recorded by both the Land Registry and Ordinance Survey as Bunnison Lane.

Cllr Taylor commented that the name varied on various maps, being recorded as; 1800 & 1920 Maps as Bunystone Lane, but by 2016 this was recorded as Bunnison Lane by NCC.

It was NOTED that the identified and accepted spelling is now BUNNISON LANE


iii)        340e (M327)   Lengthsman Scheme feedback

NCC Cllr Clarke to take this forward with appropriate Portfolio Holder Action Cllr Clarke.


iv)        347                  Village Shelter Lighting

Following discussion it was NOTED that the lighting was originally disconnected to deter vandalism. The light has worked again in intervening years since the original disconnection. It was RESOLVED to try to change the bulb & check connection.  ACTION Chair / Clerk


v)         358b)               Planning 17/02327/FUL Bunistone Cottage  Clerks Update

SO22: FOR INFORMATION ONLY on Outcome & Communication / Code of Conduct process.

The Clerk reminded Council of the obligations of the Code of Conduct & of an obligation not to present as acting as a Councillor in matters where they may be judged to have a Declarable Interest. Statements made outside of (& by invitation to) Council or other bodies whilst acting only as an individual are however legally acceptable.

As requested the Clerk had contacted Mr Jeff Hall at Rushcliffe Planning in December to ascertain the factual history of development and the required & allowed permissions with regard to this property; it is hoped the initial response from Planning will soon lead to

reconciling the facts around this property. With regard to the current application, the Clerk also confirmed he had replied to a letter from the property owner clarifying the reasons for Council objection and also the actions taken to ascertain the development history. Rushcliffe has yet to give notice of their decision on this current application.


365      Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan; Parish Questionnaire Feedback & Progress Update

Cllr McGuirk reported that the results of the Questionnaire had now been received and that the various theme groups would now work to draw together their elements of the Plan Policies based on this Parishioner feedback. The 62% response rate (with 120 completions received from 193 potentially eligible respondents) is very high, with certain prominent key themes including high degrees of support for protected areas and in providing fewer-bedroomed more-affordable housing duly noted. A fuller report to Council will follow in due course and hopefully a short summary will go to all householders as soon as possible.


The feedback contains over twenty pages of comments within the 53 page document, so the Working Group will consider the content and distribution of a Flyer/ leaflet and the potential to mount a full feedback display at the earliest opportunity, possibly linked to another event.


It was noted that Cllr Clark & Cllr Jackson have now joined the NPWG to assist with development of the Plan Policies over the coming months.


The Clerk also reported an Open Letter received from East Leake Parish Council, sent to all Rushcliffe Parish Councils highlighting planning allowance actions by Rushcliffe Planning that were completely contrary to the recently completed Neighbourhood Plans of both East Leake and Radcliffe on Trent. Cllr Combellack commented on this situation and the value in pursuing our own Neighbourhood Plans. Cllr McGuirk highlighted a response from our own consultants YourLocale that highlighted the requirement to identify potential land banks for



development to prevent The Neighbourhood Plan becoming deemed out-of-date and thus liable to carry less (or even no) weight with Rushcliffe and other agencies. Cllr McGuirk noted that the NPWG were aware of this potential and would tackle that within the draft policies, as well as noting that other allowable policies could also prevent the amalgamation of multiple small-roomed properties into a larger single property.


Policies will be drawn up within the Draft Plan over the coming months to represent the majority & key views of the respondents, prior to the Referendum & Submission processes. It was raised that whilst all village addresses had received a Questionnaire, it was possible that some (older) residents may not have responded. It was NOTED & AGREED that every effort had been made, both online & in hard copy, to include all residents’ and to elicit their views. If some residents have effectively disenfranchised themselves by choosing not to return the document in any format that was unfortunate, but equally was simply the individuals choice not to have their views recorded rather than any lack of opportunity for them to contribute.


Cllr McGuirk and her NPWG colleagues were thanked for their ongoing work.


366      County and Borough Council Updates

i)          Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Updates    (Cllr N Clarke)

Nothing additional to report


ii)         Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) Updates                         (Cllr T Combellack)

Trees remain high on the Cabinet Agenda. Parish Councils are being asked to consider appointing a tree warden to inspect & log any significant trees as potentially eligible for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Parish Councils can also push for plantations of trees to be planted and Grants will be available, especially to promote hedgerow trees. A £50k revenue budget over the next 3 years will be made available for this initiative.

On 20th Feb RBC and NCC will be talking about Rural Transport Issues so feedback on this would be helpful. Cllr McGuirk agreed to pass across the appropriate Questionnaire feedback on transport as soon as possible ahead of this meeting               Action Cllr McGuirk


iii)        Local Improvement Grant Scheme Applications (by Weds 31st Jan)

The Clerk advised Council that funding applications could still be made until the end of the month. Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Clerk investigate funding applications for;

- A Neighbourhood Officer (Lengthsman equivalent), The Village Sign Plaque (near Village Hall, as previously agreed) & for Traffic calming measures and considerations. Action Clerk


367      Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) Representative’s Report (Cllr Newton)

Cllr Newton reported that the next meeting is due on Monday 5 February 2018


368      Financial Matters

a) The Clerk advised that there were no standard Payments due before 30 January 2018

b) The Clerk will recompense NPWG postage costs to Cllr McGuirk asap       (£17.48)

c) SO28: 2018-19 Mowing Contract; Discretionary Extension

The Clerk sought permission to extend the Mowing Contract for a further season with the previous provider, allowing for an acceptable rise to reflect inflation. After discussion Council RESOLVED unanimously this arrangement be extended as it reflected acceptable quality & best value. Proposed Cllr Newton, Seconded Cllr Alcock             Action Clerk


d) Council NOTED that no other Invoices were notified to the Clerk prior to the meeting, but that computer repair & network service costs would be included in the Clerks Q4 costs.


e) Council NOTED the Account Statements & Reconciliations for January 2018, as agreed with the Internal Auditor.

i)          NatWest Current        January 2018 Statement         £11,252.02

(Outstanding; un-cleared cheque 122 Co-Op Defib (£350))   (£10,902.02)

(Neighbourhood Plan) (£6160+£840 VAT)                 (£7,000)

(Duck Race)                 (£389.43 + £109.20 VAT)        (£498.63)

Account Reconciliation          £3,403.39

ii)         NatWest Reserve        January 2018 Statement        £14,297.49

(including £3,500.00 transfer from NatWest Current Account)

iii)        Co-Op Defib               Last Statement                                    £1,486.51

Reconciliation with £350 Transfer from NatWest Current         £1836.51


e) Council NOTED submission of a nil % rise in the 2018/19 Precept was submitted to the appropriate authority on 17 December 2017. (that figure as previously agreed.)


369      Parishioners Questions           None were raised


370      Planning Considerations; Plans were available to view from 1830hrs or online at RBC

New application 17/02936/FUL           5 Harby Lane; Demolish garage, build two storey extension


This item was taken earlier in the meeting, Cllr Parker had noted his Interest (as owning the adjoining property) so would not engage as a Parish Councillor, but reserved his right to act and speak on the matter as a member of the Public, if so invited by the Chair.


At the invitation of the Chair a member of the public supporting the development application spoke on the background and merits of the application and then answered questions from Councillors. A member of the public then spoke to reflect concerns with the proposals. Following further questions from Councillors both were thanked for their contributions & there being no further questions for them, both left the room.


Following lengthy consideration, including around the planning history of the site, the size and location of the planned development, the characteristics of the site and the core messages contained within the evolving Neighbourhood Plan the Council unanimously RESOLVED to OBJECT to this application on the Material Grounds of: overshadowing, the size of the new development, the planning history along this part of Harby Lane & a designation to protect special characteristics within the Conservation Area (vis; preservation of smaller, lower-bedroomed housing) that is also in line with the developing Neighbourhood Plan


371      Councillors Urgent Items

i) Cllr Taylor requested contact with Streetwise to request a clear-up after trees have de-leafed and Cllr Jackson again requested notice from Streetwise/Highways be ascertained as to when cleaning may occur, so that residents can be informed and e.g. cars can be moved.

ii) Upper Church Gate; the issues of large amounts of mud on the road attributable to the “Jubilee/Dormouse” development were raised by several Councillors, as it had also been by several parishioners too. After discussion it was RESOLVED that the Clerk contact the Contractor to request an urgent road clean, cc’d to Highways as appropriate.     Action Clerk


372      Council NOTED the next Parish Council Meetings as: Mondays, 7pm in Colston Bassett Village Hall; February 26, 2018 and April 16, 2018 Cllr D Clarke passed his apologies for the February Meeting. There being no further business & with thanks to all present the Chairman closed the meeting at 2014hrs