Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 31 July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 31 July 2017

308     Present                      Cllr R Jackson (Chair), Cllr K Parker, Cllr C Newton, Cllr D Clark & Cllr R Thomason

In Attendance            RBC Cllr T Combellack & CBPC Clerk N Mayglothling

309     Apologies for non-attendance        NCC Cllr N Clark

310     Declaration of Interest from Members in Matters scheduled for discussion


311     Minutes of the Meeting of June 26 2017

I) Following discussion on the correct road titles under 293ii) Cllr Jackson agreed to investigate this matter for clarification with NCC. As many road names used locally are not formally displayed and other roads are known locally by different titles this can lead to both the erosion of traditional names and also to some potential confusion.          ACTION:CHAIR

ii) The Minutes were otherwise agreed and signed as such by the Chair

312     Matters arising from the Minutes of June 26, 2017

-297ii) Village Shelter          A quotation for £680 to undertake the required work to the roof tiling of the Village Shelter has been received from Mr Darren Arme from Harby. Following discussion the Parish Council RESOLVED that this work would be done from Parish Council Funds at an appropriate time, potentially in Spring 2018. Pp Cllr Parker Sec Cllr Newton & AGREED

-300h) Grit Bin within Hall Grounds  (To consider a report from the Clerk)     The Parish Council considered the report by the Parish Clerk, based on consultation with the volunteer Grit Team, and RESOLVED that future consideration should be given to moving the bin to the gateway entrance near Smite Bridge be given, although this was also noted as being away from all village residencies.

-302    Village Sign and Jubilee Walk plaques (Colston Bassett History Group)  The Clerk reported on behalf of the CBHG. Following consultation with an appropriate local supplier, Malcolm Lane of Cropwell Bishop, indicative quotations had been obtained for plaques for the Village sign adjacent to the Village Hall and for the Jubilee Walk leading from New Road to St Marys. The combined cost of these installations may be in the region of £600. Following discussion the Parish Council were broadly in favour of the initiative & agreed to discuss this and any potential funding support further, once firm proposals were available from the History Society. Cllr Combellack suggested that RBC and NCC Councillors could potentially be approached for a donation from their Cllrs Community Funds to support these improvements too.

-305e  Hedging and Footpaths update.    The Clerk reported that considerable work had been undertaken to clear and maintain footpaths around the village. Of NOTE was that both the Estate and NCC had responded with significant action to improve the potentially dangerous situation along Church Gate and most residents were also making best efforts too. Cllr Jackson was thanked for his offer to deal with an overgrown area around the Hall Grounds / Hall Lane pathway as soon as possible.

-306(2) Emails and Letters of thanks to noted parties had been despatched and it was noted that communications of thanks had also been received from several of the recipients, including verbal thanks from Cllr Newton.

313     Parishioners Question Time (up to 15 minutes maximum)

i)          No questions not covered elsewhere had been raised by Parishioners

ii)         Cllr Combellack requested that there also be time for “Updates from County and District Councillors”. This was AGREED

Rushcliffe Borough Council updates;

a) The former Development Control Committee is now called Planning; two fewer Councillors sit on the Panel and Public Speaking is now also allowed, although appropriately time-limited and speaking only on Substantive Matters.

b) VIA Highways have received extra funding and have done repairs to Swabs Lane; Cllrs Combellack & Clarke were thanked for their input on raising rural highway issues. Cllr Combellack would be happy to hear of other areas requiring attention.

ACTION; Clerk to send current list to Cllrs Combellack & Clarke

314     Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Working Party Update  (CBNP WG)

The Clerk reported that the Topic Group Meetings were ongoing. The Lead Group were meeting again in late August & would report to the September Parish Council Meeting as appropriate. Minutes of their full group meetings are displayed on the Parish Noticeboard and are also available from the Clerk as required. Confirmation of a Grant Application made on behalf of the Neighbourhood Plan to the Awards for All panel by the Clerk, in line with previous Parish Council approval, had also been received and a decision is awaited.

315     Report of Village Hall Committee Representative  (Cllr Newton)

Cllr Newton passed over a signed copy of the Financial Accounts for 2016-17 to the Clerk and reported that the 2017 Village Fete held on 2nd July had raised £1034.75. A large number of people had been in attendance and both the RBC & NCC Cllrs were thanked for their support… and the Lottery Draw Prize won by Cllr Clarke was presented by Cllr Newton to Cllr Combellack on his behalf.

The Parish Council warmly congratulated the Village Hall Management Committee and their volunteer supporters on organising a very successful event that was both clearly very popular and well attended. Raising such a significant sum to support the ongoing maintenance & refurbishment of the Village Hall reflected an outstanding effort by very many people.

The next Village Hall fundraising event is the Duck Race on the Smite on 17th September. It was suggested that the Parish Council might wish to consider making a donation towards a prize to support this event. Contributing a gift-voucher (agreed value £50) was proposed by Cllr Parker seconded by Cllr Thomason & AGREED.    (Action Clerk)

It was also noted that the Main Hall re-painting had cost over £1900 so there is a need to replenish CBVH funds, with improvements to the kitchen area considered to be the next area to be targeted for attention.

316     Financial Matters:

a) Payment of Items notified as falling due before 31 July 2017

The following item was APPROVED for settlement

i)          Community Accounting Plus Quarterly Payroll Invoice    £46.80

b) Outcome of the 2017 Annual Return and Unaudited Accounts;  The RFO reported that no matters had been drawn to his attention during the period of Public Inspection, which had now ended, so feedback & closure of 2016-17 accounts was now awaited from External Auditors Grant Thornton.

c) Statement of Current and Deposit Accounts      (RFO & Internal Auditor)     The Parish Council NOTED the current financial situation

i)          NatWest Current     July Statement                    £13,070.54

Outstanding Items                £ nil

Neighbourhood Plan           £ 2,400.00

Reconciliation                     £10,670.54

ii)         NatWest Reserve   July Statement                    £10,796.33

iii)        Co-Op Defib             Last Statement                    £1,486.51

d) Status of VAT Refund Application, March-May 2017: The RFO reported that the application for £438.85 had been paid by BACS

317     Planning Applications:

a) To receive any Planning Application submitted prior to the meeting

The Parish Council considered & SUPPORTED the following application    17/01657/FUL Home Farm (retrospective; Farm House).   CBPC  Support

b) Planning Decisions: The Parish Council noted the following outcome: i) 17/01195/FUL Home Farm   CBPC Support   RBC   Approved

318     Other Matters & Communications of relevance received prior to the meeting

a)         The Parish Council recorded their thanks to Mr & Mrs Lindsey for the donation of a printer & noted that the PC laptop was also beginning to suffer. Consideration as to a replacement laptop was noted for action as required.

b)         The Parish Council welcomed the content of the email from NCC Cllr Cutts on the increased budget for rural roads across the county and that the Clerk had replied welcoming this initiative and also highlighting the outstanding issues in Colston Bassett.

c)         The Parish Council passed their grateful thanks to David Maclaren who has had to step down as leader of The Grit Posse due to ill-health after many years of service in various guises to the parish community.  (Action: Clerk)

d)         St Marys access approach. Mr Martin Loxton had raised the issue with the Clerk of access to St Marys / Jubilee Walk being compromised by cars parked across the gateway. It was noted that access could be required to this area at all times for a variety of reasons. RESOLVED; Clerk to purchase & install a NO PARKING sign.  Proposed Cllr Parker, Seconded Cllr D Clark and AGREED

318     Councillors Urgent Items

i) Cllr Parker;  Following a recent visit and confrontation with speeding cars Belvoir Ramblers Club had requested the possibility of having a path running to the Diary from the end of the current village footpath. This request was NOTED & fell in with similar requests lodged in the past, but it was also considered likely that this proposal will regrettably still be seen as cost prohibitive by NCC/VIA in the shorter term.

319     Next meeting – 18 September 2017, Colston Bassett Village Hall, 7pm

There be no further items and with thanks to the Attendees, the meeting was closed at 7:45