Parish Council Agenda for 24 February 2018

AGENDA for Parish Council Meeting on 24 February 2018

1              i) To record those Present and In Attendance

ii) To record Apologies for Non-Attendance              (already received from Cllr D Clark)


2              To receive any Declarations of Interest in matters scheduled for discussion


3              To Receive the Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting, held on 15 January 2018


4              To consider matters arising from the Minutes of 15 January 2018

a)            i) 364     Road Names; To NOTE that following consultation, the road leading from New Road to Home Farm will continue to be labelled as “Private Road”

ii)            To NOTE that the Jubilee Walk plaque has been installed by volunteers

b)            340e (M327)        Lengthsman Scheme feedback                                       (NCC Cllr Clarke)

c)             347                         Village Shelter Lighting update                                     (Chair)

d)            366 (i)                    Local Improvement Grants 2018; To NOTE no CBPC schemes were submitted, due to £1k minimum cost thresholds & requirements for secondary support.

366 (ii)                   Village Sign Plaque; support for Brunel Engraving in s/s £186 + VAT

e)             371         (i)            Streetwise; Clerk contacted, advised that they will “try to let us know”

(ii)           Church Gate; Clerk contacted Developer, street clean agreed end Feb tbc.


5              Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan                                                                           (Cllr Mcguirk)


6              County and Borough Council Updates

i)             Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Updates                                     (Cllr N Clarke)

ii)            Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) Updates                                               (Cllr T Combellack)


7              Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) Representative’s Report           (Cllr Newton)


8              Financial Matters

a) 2018 & 19 Mowing Contract; Continuance Invitation; current £1524pa / 2018 & 2019: £1600

b) Parish Clerks National Remuneration Agreement 2018-20 update for April 2018           (Clerk)

Current £1856.19; to SCP 17, current £9.12/£1,896.96:  Likely 2% April 2018 (£9.30/£1,934.90pa) & 2% April 2019 (£9.49/£1,973.60pa)

c) To NOTE the end of year financial arrangements                                                               (Clerk)

d) To consider Items falling due for payment before 31 March 2016

i)             Clerks Q4 Salary (£376.62) & Expenses (£131.03)                                   (£507.65)

ii)            HMRC PAYE Quarter 4                                                                                  (£94.20)

iii)           Internal Audit Honorarium 2017-18                                                            (£150.00)

e) To NOTE Statements & Reconciliations for February 2018, as presented for Internal Audit

i)              NatWest Current                February 2018 Statement                                £10,866.42

(Outstanding; un-cleared items Chq 123 YourLocale; £2,400)                 (£2,400)

(Neighbourhood Plan)       (£3760+£1240 VAT)                         (£5,000)

(Duck Race)                          (£389.43 + £109.20 VAT)                  (£498.63)

Account Reconciliation                                    £2,967.79

ii)             NatWest Reserve                February 2018 Statement                                £14,298.14

iii)            Co-Op Defib                        Last Statement                    £1,486.51

Reconciliation with confirmed £350 Transfer from NatWest Current      £1,836.51

Current Indicative CBPC Funds excluding De-Fib, Duck, NP & un-cleared items               £17,265.93

9              Parishioners Questions


10           Planning Considerations

a) 17/02327/FUL Bunistone Cottage              CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe (changes & deferred to 22/2)

b) 17/02936/FUL 5 Harby Lane                      CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe

c) 18/00021/FUL Langar Lodge                      CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe

d) 18/00059/FUL Home Farm (Church Gate) CBPC SUPPORT / Rushcliffe

e) i) Future Process; Hard Copy available 30 minutes before meetings ( ii) &/or on 24hr collect/return)


11           Councillors Urgent Items (as notified prior to the meeting)

i) Data Protection Update

12           Next Parish Council Meeting: 7pm on 16 April 16 2018 @ Colston Bassett Village Hall