Parish Council Draft Minutes October 30 2017


335         Those Present: Cllr R Taylor (Chair), Cllr A Alcock, Cllr C Newton (Noted that this provided a quorum for business to proceed)

In Attendance: Rushcliffe Borough Councillor T Combellack, Parish Clerk N Mayglothling, The Chair and The Secretary of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

336         Apologies for non-attendance: Cllr R Jackson, Cllr D Clark, Nottinghamshire County Councillor N Clarke

337         Declaration(s) of Interest(s) from Members in Matters scheduled for discussion             None

338         Resignation of and replacement process for former Cllr Roger Thomason

The Clerk informed the meeting that Rushcliffe Electoral Services had advised that the Council were now able to adopt a Co-Option process and the agreed process to fill the vacancy would now be advertised accordingly, with the intention to do this at the December meeting if possible.

339         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 18 September 2017: The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and duly signed by The Chair

340         Matters arising from the Minutes of 18 September 2017

a) M302                Jubilee Walk plaque (£395+VAT) (£474)       (CB History & Jubilee Groups)The Council considered a request for support funding, an indicative template for and an appropriate quotation for production-only of a sign to mark the Jubilee Walk between St Mary’s Church and New Road. After discussion the Parish Council resolved to support this application, with installation to be provided by parish volunteers and authorised payment of an appropriate cheque to cover the purchase.    ACTION CLERK

b) M311                Road Titles   Cllr Newton reported that he and Cllr Jackson had met as agreed with Adam Smith & as a result some addresses and road names will be further checked and others will be or have been clarified. Guidance is usually based on the registered post code or Post Office address for each road and property.   It was NOTED that Hall Lane in the direction of Cotgrave now officially extends beyond the village boundary all the way to the “Canal” Parish Boundary, so that the sign declaring it as Nottingham Road adjacent to the junction with New Road is actually erroneous. “Home Farm Lane” is a private road off New Road opposite Jubilee Walk, so NCC would previously not act on naming it, but will now do so given the existence of a separate post code & with agreement of two-thirds of the residents. Cllr Jackson to seek residents’ responses.            ACTION CLLR JACKSON  The correct spellings of Bunistone / Bunison Lane will also be clarified by Mr Smith Properties with their principle or sole entrances off Hose or Harby Lane may also need re-clarification dependant on where their current entrances are now located.

ACTION Clerk to check with Cllr Jackson on any other matters & on feedback from Mr Smith


c) M327i                Declaration of Interests at the December Meeting                 The Clerk advised the Meeting that the December Parish Meeting would benefit from the presence of and advice from the Rushcliffe Borough Council Monitoring Officer, particularly with regard to advice on the Declarations of Interest Process. It was resolved that the Borough Officer be invited to address the meeting as an initial briefing item before the Parish Council meeting officially opens as many members of the Neighbourhood Plan Group may also be in attendance, Cllr Combellack noted this as important given difficulties over “Declarations” difficulties hindering other Neighbourhood Plans and resulting in challenges, delays and in investigations into some Plan participants. It was noted that all Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Meetings contained a “Declarations” Agenda Item.

d) M327ii  Village Litter Pick       The Clerk advised the Meeting that a litter pick has been arranged for Sunday 19 November, 10-12

e) M327iii           Lengthsman Scheme (Langar Feedback)     The Clerk had circulated information from Langar on their participation in and experience of the Scheme. After debate the Council decided the Clerk investigate this matter further. ACTION CLERK

f) M332                 Countryside Alliance Rural Enterprise Nominations; Dairy & Martins Arms    The Clerk advised the Meeting that both the Dairy & Martins Arms have been nominated in their respective categories and that to date over 2,000 nominations have been received by the Countryside Alliance.

341         Parishioners Question Time           None Raised

342         Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (CBNP);  Two Members of the Working Party (CBNP Chair Josie McGuirk and CBNP Secretary Nick Goddard) were welcomed to the meeting and provided an update on their progress to date. The CBNP Working Party Summary had been circulated with the Agenda and the Draft Questionnaire distributed by email ahead of the meeting. It was noted that Offline Councillors had also been offered opportunities to view the documentation and all Councillors had also been invited to participate in any revisions to the Draft before the Council Meeting.

The Neighbourhood Plan was proceeding on schedule, with the Draft Questionnaire having been further considered at a CBNP Working Group Meeting earlier in the day where it had been decided to make some small alterations for ease of clarity within some of the questions. Cllr Jackson had sent an email of thanks for the professionalism of this volunteer group and had noted the comprehensive nature of the Draft Questionnaire, sentiments that were echoed in the meeting.  After discussion it was resolved that the Chair of the Parish Council would authorise a final version of the questionnaire for circulation, so as not to delay the process, which will be produced in hard copy and then assessed by the Consultant team. Hard copies will be distributed by the members of the CBNP Team and returned sealed to the Clerk to pass to the Consultants. The questionnaire will also be made available online via a link on the Parish Council website.

The Meeting also NOTED that with the acquisition of additional funding the Working Group now had £11,200 of funding available. It was RESOLVED that the CBNP could now incur expenditure up to this revised budget limit of £11,200 measured against the grants received to date.

The NP Chair noted the difficulties in actually collating Colston Bassett – only information from the National Census Office, which for reporting purposes twins us with Tythby. This data-combination cannot be separated out, thus potentially skewing some figures and statistics, but it is acceptable to rationalise this out as far as possible within reporting. The Consultants have confirmed on precedent that the statistical Census-based indicators will also be acceptable and valid at Final Inspection stage. Councillors were warmly invited to attend the next Housing Meeting which will begin to tackle key Development issues. This will be held at 1pm on November 22 at Chancery Cottage on Church Gate. The Neighbourhood Plan group were thanked for their ongoing work and left the meeting at this point.

343         County and Borough Council Updates         (Borough Cllr Combellack & County Cllr Clarke)

County Cllr N Clarke had sent an email update advising that he has submitted 2 items relating to the extra money allocated to road schemes by the County Council;

1)      Resurfacing of the potholes/undulations around junction of New Road and Spring Hill.

2)      Refurbishment of the Finger signpost at junction of New Road and Nottingham Road / Hall Lane, which is in a somewhat drunken and worn state.

Cllr Newton asked if we could also ask for formal consideration of the reinstatement of a proper finger post outside the village shelter.                                                                                                        ACTION CLERK

District Cllr Combellack reported a reasonably settled period at Rushcliffe with no new issues to raise at this juncture.

344      Report of the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) Representative;  Cllr Newton reported that The VHMC had passed across their£528.88 PWLB contribution and the Clerk confirmed that this had been received and banked. The VHMC had also agreed on and installed new blinds in the Main Hall, provided by Elite Blinds. The Council resolved that the cost of these blinds was to be sourced from the Duckling Donation to a total of £546 plus VAT (£655.20). This invoice was approved by the Council for payment.

345         Financial Matters

a)            Payment of Items notified as falling due before 30 November 2017

The Council NOTED previous payment from the Neighbourhood Plan sub-account of the YourLocale Invoice 2 by Cheque 115. A total of £3,240 was noted as having been paid, covering full use of the Locality Grant Funding ahead of the reclaim date.

The Council also authorised two other payments as follows

i) Royal British Legion Wreath                                   £25.00

ii) P Caunt 2017 Mowing Contract      £1524 (Whole season single payment)

b)            2017 Finance Advisory Group: Approval of Minutes & Recommendations .  The Minutes of the 2017 Finance Advisory Group were approved. After short discussion the Council also resolved to adopt all the recommendations, vis;

i) A £350 (three hundred and fifty pounds) transfer to the Defibrillator Reserve Account (Co-Op) from the Parish Council NatWest Current Account.

ii) Maintenance of existing financial reporting processes with the Internal Auditor.

iii) Continuance of the policy to gradually increase the Reserves over time, especially in light of the potential for major Village Hall expenditure.

iv) Transfer of £3,500 (three thousand and five hundred pounds) from the NatWest Current Account to the NatWest Reserve Account

v) To levy a 2018-19 Parish Precept of £9180, a nil percentage increase.            ACTION CLERK  

c)   The Council noted the Account Statements and Reconciliations for October 2017

NatWest Current October Statement         £18,931.56

(Outstanding Items)            (Duck Race Income)            £1,044.63

(Neighbourhood Plan balances)     (Locality)              (£2,400.00)

(A4A Award)         (£7,000.00)

Reconciliation                                      £9,531.56

ii)             NatWest Reserve October Statement      .   £10,796.60

iii)            Co-Op Defib       Last Statement              £1,486.51

d)            With the addition of the Jubilee wooden seat adjacent to the Noticeboards on School Lane the Parish Council NOTED and approved the 2017-18 Asset Register

e)             To Parish Council NOTED and approved the 2017-18 Risk Assessment 

346         Planning

a) The Council NOTED the outcomes of recent Planning Applications

i) 17/01849/FUL; Tanglewood, 5 Hall Grounds Drive; Rear Ground-Floor Extension      (Permitted)

ii) 17/01952/FUL: White Beams Rear Extension, Front Porch & Fencing           (Permitted)

iii) 17/02003/FUL: Tanglewood Extension and rebuilding of Outbuildings     (Permitted)

iv) National Planning Appeal. Land adjacent to the Martins Arms on School Lane          (Pending)

b) No new Planning Applications had been received prior to the meeting

c) Rushcliffe Local Plan Part 2 (For comment before 27 November 2017) & Melton Local PlanThe Council NOTED implications for Health, Education, Traffic Flow and availability of local housing contained in the two published plans and authorised the Clerk to complete a return to Rushcliffe on behalf of the Parish Council.                                                        Action CLERK

Cllr Combellack mentioned the benefit maintaining links with neighbouring villages, especially to help awareness of their planning applications and developments and the potential consequences for neighbouring villages.

347         Councillors Urgent Items                                 None were notified prior to the meetin

It was noted that the Village Shelter Light still requires attention.                             Clerk to Investigate

348         a) The Council NOTED the next meeting as –Parish Council: Monday 11 December 2017, Colston Bassett Village Hall, after “Interests” Briefing @ 7pm

b) The Council NOTED and Approved the proposed 2018 Meeting dates;

i) Parish Council Meeting Dates for 2018; Mondays, 7pm in Colston Bassett Village Hall

January 15            February 26          April 16                  May 21* (APM & APCM)

June 25                  July 30                   September 17       October 29            December 10

ii) 2018 Annual Parish Meeting; 21 May 2017 (* followed on by Annual Parish Council Meeting)

iii) 2018 Financial Advisory Group Meeting: 15 October 2018, 7pm

There being no further business, with thanks to those present The Chair closed the meeting at 8:03pm



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