Parish Council Meeting 11 December 2017 Draft Agenda

Parish Council Agenda for Monday 7 December 2017 from 7pm at Colston Bassett Village Hall

This Meeting will be preceded by a presentation on “Parish Standards & Declarations of Interest” led by Glenn O’Connell, Monitoring Officer for Rushcliffe Borough Council. All members of the Parish Council and all associated Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and sub-group volunteers are cordially invited to attend. The business of the Parish Council Meeting will formally begin at the conclusion of this presentation.

1              To record those Present and In Attendance

2              To record Apologies for Non-Attendance

3              To receive any Declarations of Interest(s) in matters to be covered in the business of the meeting

4              To approve the Minutes of the previous Parish Council Meeting held on September 30, 2017

5              Matters Arising from the Minutes of September 30th 2017

i)             338                         Parish Councillor Vacancy - update

ii)            340a (M302)        Jubilee Walk Plaque purchase and installation update

iii)           340b) (M311)       Road Titles

a)            Actions required refc Home Farm Lane b)            Actions required refc Bunison Lane

iv)           340d (M325)        November Litter Pick       (completed on November 19)

v)            340e (M327)        Lengthsman Scheme         (response from K Hourd at EMVIA Highways)

vi)           347                         Village Shelter Light

6              Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan (CBNP) Update                              (CBNP Working Group)

i) To receive the latest update

ii) To appoint Councillors to join the Working Group (and sub-groups)

7              County and Borough Council Updates         (Borough Cllr Combellack & County Cllr Clarke)

i)             To note NCC move to online communication & Community Improvement Fund Update

ii)            Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Updates

iii)           Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) Updates

8              Report of the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) Representative (Cllr Newton)

9              Financial Matters

a)            Consideration of Payment of Items notified as falling due before 30 December 2017

i)             Q3 Clerks Expenses £93.37 & ii)  Q3 Salary £376.52 (circulated claim)  £469.99

iii)           Q3 HMRC PAYE (as per CA+ Listings) £94.20

iv)           Other Invoices as notified to the Clerk prior to the meeting

b)            To NOTE appointment of PFK Littlejohn as External Auditors for Limited Assurance for a five year period at a likely (minimum) cost to CBPC of £200 per annum.

c)             To NOTE the Account Statements &Reconciliations December 2017

i)              NatWest Current                December Statement         (awaited)               £tbc

(Outstanding Items, eg uncleared chqs) (awaited)       £tbc

(Neighbourhood Plan)       (£6160+£840 VAT)            (£7000)

(Duck Race)                          (£389.43 + £109.20 VAT)  (£498.63)

VAT Reclaim June to November 2017 (posted Dec 3)  £756.14

Account Reconciliation                                    £tbc

ii)             NatWest Reserve                December Statement         (awaited)               £tbc

iii)            Co-Op Defib                        Last Statement                                                    £1,486.51

10           Planning

a) To NOTE a return on behalf of the Parish Council has been made to the Rushcliffe Local Plan, to the Melton Local Plan and to the Leicestershire and the Nottinghamshire Mineral Extractions Plans.

b) 17/02327/FUL Bunistone Cottage: To NOTE following consultation an OBJECTION was lodged

c) To consider any new application(s) as received by the Clerk prior to the meeting

11           Councillors Urgent Items (As notified prior to the meeting)

12           To NOTE the next meetings as –Parish Councils; Mondays, 7pm in Colston Bassett Village Hall

January 15, 2018                                February 26, 2018               April 16, 2018