Parish Council Minutes 26 February 2018

Colston Bassett Parish Council Draft Minutes 26.2.18

373         i) Present                              Cllrs Richard Jackson (Chair), Tony Alcock, Bob Taylor (Vice Chair)

Kevin Parker, Josie Mcguirk and Charles Newton


ii) In Attendance Notts County Councillor Neil Clarke

Colston Bassett Parish Clerk Nige Mayglothling


iii) Apologies for Non-Attendance                 Cllr D Clark

Rushcliffe Borough Councillor Tina Combellack


374         Declarations of Interest in matters scheduled for discussion

Cllr Jackson declared an Interest in one of the Planning Items for discussion


375         Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting, held on 15 January 2018

Cllr Newton raised the point under Minute 370 that Cllr Parker should correctly be recorded as the “tenant occupier” not the “owner” of the adjacent property. With this correction The Minutes of 15 January were accepted and signed as such by Cllr Jackson


376         To consider matters arising from the Minutes of 15 January 2018

a)            i) 364     Road Names; Council NOTED that following consultation, the road leading from

New Road to Home Farm will continue to be labelled as “Private Road”

ii)            Council NOTED that the Jubilee Walk plaque has been installed by volunteers and passed on their thanks to the volunteers for organising and undertaking this project


b)            340e (M327)        Lengthsman Scheme feedback

NCC Cllr Clarke reported that the Lengthsmans Scheme will continue but only for current schemes; no new schemes will be adopted due to funding constraints. Future consideration could be given to funding a Lengthsman from Precept or Reserves.


c)             347                         Village Shelter Lighting update

The Chair reported that he and the Clerk had removed the failed bulb in the shelter and a replacement bulb had been ordered & would be fitted as soon as possible.


d)            366 (i)                    Local Improvement Grants 2018; Council NOTED no CBPC schemes were submitted due to £1k minimum cost thresholds & requirements for secondary support.


366 (ii)                   Village Sign Plaque; The Clerk reported that grants had been received

from Notts County Council & Rushcliffe Borough Council towards purchase of appropriate

signage. RBC Cllr Combellack and NCC Cllr Clarke were thanked for their support of this

project. The most appropriate quote was from Brunel Engraving in stainless  steel (£186 +

VAT). Here was lengthy debate on the precise wording to be used; it was resolved that the

wording for the plaque be re-written by Cllr Newton and submitted for confirmation with the

Local History Group then submitted to the next Parish Council Meeting. Action Cllr Newton


e)             371         (i)            Streetwise; Council noted that the Clerk had contacted Streetwise around getting notice of street cleaning and had been advised that they will “try to let us know”

(ii)           Church Gate; Council noted that the Clerk had contacted the Developer on Church Gate & a street clean had been agreed at the end of the contract (late Feb/early Mch).


377         Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Mcguirk presented a PowerPoint update on the NP. The Questionnaire Feedback had been collated & an Open Day held to share the information. The various Theme Groups were now working with the Consultants to consolidate that feedback into policies, with an aim to present those policies at a further Open Day (probably to be held in May) before collation into the final document for sign off by the Parish Council and then for presentation to Rushcliffe and for the Local Referendum.  Meetings between the NP Group and The Estate are ongoing in order to ensure a smooth flow of information.

Key areas were highlighted during the Presentation, which will be pursued during the NP process. Both Policy formulation and the parallel Community Actions (effectively a work agenda for the Parish


Council) are progressing well. The aim, if the NP timetable runs smoothly, is for Draft Policies to be available by the next Parish Council Meeting, followed by an Open Meeting for Parishioners in May.


378         County and Borough Council Updates


i)             Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Updates

NCC Cllr Clarke had provided information on the Lengthsmans Scheme earlier in the meeting & additionally reported that another recycling site within Rushcliffe was still being actively pursued. Road repairs within the Parish being pushed; local recommendations have been submitted & are currently being assessed; decisions will be made for prioritisation against budgets, with (in)action as appropriate and prioritised taken in the new financial year.


ii)            Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) Updates

On behalf of RBC Cllr Combellack, NCC Cllr Clarke reported that the Rushcliffe Tree Planting Scheme Launch includes a £50k capital fund to apply for tree planting. The Clerk has already requested consideration of new and replacement planting within Colston Bassett. The Borough are also trying to promote reduction in plastic usage across the Borough. The Rushcliffe Local Plan is moving forward and the Local Plan Part 2 (with revised housing allocations) appears on course for adoption in May.


iii)            The Clerk had previously advised Council that he will be attending the Rushcliffe Parish & Town Councils Form at Rushcliffe Civic Centre on March 1st.


379         Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) Representative’s Report           (Cllr Newton)


Cllr Newton reported that VHMC had met on Feb 5th. The Main Hall Blinds had been paid for, the Dishwasher was now fully functional and new Light-Covers have been installed over food preparation areas. There is evidence of some rodent damage to wiring in the roof so an Electrician will assess the full wiring requirements in due course. The Duck Race Fund will be used to purchase more crockery.


The Clerk noted receipt of the VHMC Minutes from 05/02/19 and that these had raised a question around the total of Duck Race Funds held with the Parish Council. Cllr Newton advised that no-one at the VHMC meeting had a clear figure to hand, and the Clerk advised that this has now been resolved with the VHMC to be as stated in the Parish Council accounts. The Chair of the VHMC had also requested transfer of the remaining funds to the VHMC, for the VHMC to directly purchase additional crockery; this would in effect debar any option of a VAT reclaim & lose the VHMC around £100 of potential funding. Emails have been exchanged as the VHMC were also apparently unaware of online & delivery options by their chosen supplier (IKEA). Cllr Newton recommended that no monies be passed directly to the VHMC if that involved any potential loss of VAT reclamation possibilities and Council RESOLVED to accept that recommendation. The Clerk was requested to resolve the matter with the VHMC to maximise the full value of the donated funds.                       Action Clerk


Cllr Newton also reported that the VHMC may use some of the Improvement Fund to paint the Hall and Toilets, and potentially replace some of the hand dryers, all dependent on received quotations.


The 2018 Summer Fete has been planned on Sunday July 1st. It was noted that securing future access to the areas adjoining the Village Hall is now a matter of ongoing debate between the Parish Council and The Estate within the Neighbourhood Plan process.


380         Financial Matters


a) 2018 & 19 Mowing Contract; In line with the decision of the last meeting, a Continuance Invitation had been made to Mr Caunt, including on an inflation- and costs- increase from the £1524pa agreement for 2016 and 2017 moving to a 2018 & 2019 total of £1600pa. As this total remained significantly below any previously received or considered tenders it still reflected good value & as it

also incurred less than £100pa of additional expenditure per annum Council RESOLVED to accept Continuance unanimously, based on a 1yr contract plus 1yr optional extension, subject to performance.


b) Parish Clerks National Remuneration Agreement 2018-20 update for April 2018


The Clerk outlined that the 2018/19 National Settlement was not yet agreed. The current salary of 1856.19 would increase as the Clerk moves to Spinal Column Point 17 of the Joint Agreement Scale in April 2018, currently £9.12ph / £1,896.96pa. The most likely outcome of ongoing national negotiations is a 2% rise in April 2018 (£9.30ph / £1,934.90pa) & a further 2% rise in April 2019 (£9.49ph / £1,973.60pa). Council NOTED these totals were still within the estimated £2k salary included in the determination of the 2018-19 Precept calculation.


c)             Council NOTED the end of year financial arrangements as outlined by the Clerk, with final accounts to again be settled with the Internal Auditor as soon after the end of the Financial Year as possible.                                                                                                                 (Action Clerk)


d)            Council APPROVED payment of Items falling due for payment before 31 March 2018;

i)              Clerks Q4 Salary (£376.62) & Expenses (£131.03)      N Mayglothling    (£507.65)

ii)             HMRC PAYE Quarter 4                                                     HMRC                   (£94.20)

iii)            Internal Audit Honorarium 2017-18                                               N Gledson             (£150.00)

Council further agreed that pending the outcome of conversations by The Clerk with the VHMC, the remaining Duck Race funds would also be spent on behalf of the VHMC.

iv)           VHMC Duck Race Transfer or Expenditure                                                  (£498.63)


e)             Council NOTED February 2018 Statements & Reconciliations as agreed with Internal Audit

i)              NatWest Current                February 2018 Statement                                £10,866.42

(Outstanding; un-cleared items Chq 123 YourLocale; £2,400)                 (£2,400)

(Neighbourhood Plan)       (£3760+£1240 VAT)                         (£5,000)

(Duck Race)                          (£389.43 + £109.20 VAT)                  (£498.63)

Account Reconciliation                                    £2,967.79

ii)             NatWest Reserve                February 2018 Statement                                £14,298.14

iii)            Co-Op Defib                        Last Statement                    £1,486.51

Reconciliation with confirmed £350 Transfer from NatWest Current      £1,836.51

Current Indicative CBPC Funds excluding De-Fib, Duck, NP & un-cleared items               £17,265.93


381         Parishioners Questions

Consideration of Parish Council support for an ecology survey (fauna & flora) emanating from the NP research, to be initially undertaken in later in 2018 was requested; after debate it was AGREED that this village-centric project would be supported                                                   Action Clerk


382         Planning Considerations; Council NOTED that the following applications were still pending;

a) 17/02327/FUL Bunistone Cottage              CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe (changes & deferred to 22/2)

b) 17/02936/FUL 5 Harby Lane                      CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe

c) 18/00021/FUL Langar Lodge                      CBPC OBJECT / Rushcliffe

d) 18/00059/FUL Home Farm (Church Gate) CBPC SUPPORT / Rushcliffe


e) Following several incidents of delayed or ineffectual circulation of Planning Papers, Council RESOLVED that in future Hard Copy of Applications will still be available 30 minutes before meetings, but no further mass-circulation will be attempted. The Clerk will continue to inform Councillors of any late-arrived planning matters for consideration and Councillors will be expected to have viewed the plans in one mode or another prior to the start of the meeting, to allow for informed discussion and to expedite effective consideration of all applications.


Two new applications had been received prior to the meeting and all Councillors had been made aware of an opportunity to view these plans ahead of the meeting, which most had done. Following discussion of the applications, Council made the following decisions;


f) 18/00381/FUL Hills Farm; Additional Livestock Shed:          (SUPPORT)


g) 18/00424/FUL Willowbrook (Ch Gt): As previously approved; some Internal reconfiguration, additional skylights, 1 additional window to Building One.  (SUPPORT)



383         Councillors Urgent Items (as notified prior to the meeting)


i) Data Protection Update                The Clerk advised the Council of several implications around the forthcoming revisions to Data Protection, especially around the use of emails on behalf of the Council and in maintaining Council e-circulation lists. Work is ongoing in these areas.


ii) Village Hall flags. Some national-flags traditionally used at the Village Hall appear to have disappeared. Referred to Village Hall Committee to investigate whereabouts. Action Cllr Newton



384         Council NOTED the Next Parish Council Meeting: 16 April 16 2018 @ 7pm, CB Village Hall