Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan; Questionnaire Feedback

Following circulation of the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire to all parish residents, both in hard copy and also made available online, the Colston Bassett Neighbourhood Plan Working Group hosted a Feedback Forum in February 2018 to provide an opportunity to view the statistical analysis and the received individual comments. The analysis will form the basis to formulate the Planning Policies for the Parish; these will be developed by the three Theme Groups and following assessment by the Working Group & full Parish Council will be submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council and to Parishioners for their formal approval.

With a large proportion of the village responding and with the feedback providing many clear steers for policy-formulation, the Working Group were provided by Parishioners with both a clear mandate and a directional-steer for their work. The initial analysis and comments, as presented at the Feedback Forum, are available following this link; Colton Bassett NP Analysis v3 64%