Colston Bassett Parish Council Updates

Colston Bassett Parish Council Updates

August 17 2016


Hello to all,

…. a few bits of Parish and Parish Council information you may wish to know

Parish Clerk
Nick Goddard has retired as Clerk to Colston Bassett Parish Council after many years of service in this and also in other valuable roles in the Parish, many thanks to Nick for the invaluable service and support that he has given us all down the years, a hard act to follow.

I have taken over as Clerk (details and contacts as below) so please feel free to contact me with any appropriate issues, questions or even supportive thanks that you would like the Parish Council to consider. The Parish Council is there to support and represent the interests of our local community and your elected Councillors always welcome your input and your support.


Parish Council Meetings
We will continue to post up the Draft Minutes and Agendas, both on our website and also on the Parish Council noticeboard outside the Village Hall. Parishioners are also very welcome to attend and to contribute appropriately at Council Meetings or to submit items for consideration on the agenda, which is usually drawn up around a fortnight ahead of each meeting. The remaining meetings for 2016 are scheduled for September 26, November 7 and December 19, all from 7pm in the Colston Bassett Village Hall.

Pathways and Hedgerows
The Parish Council have received several complaints from fellow villagers about overgrown plants / bushes causing restrictions to some of the paths and walkways around the village, clearly also a safety issue with regard to the narrowness and poor state of repair of some of our footpaths too. We are working with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) to address some of the key repair issues, as you will be able to see from Parish Council Meeting Minutes , but please could we each also each take time to address any hazards that we may be creating, however inadvertently, ourselves too….. if your property borders on to a footpath or roadway ensuring that any vegetation is cut back appropriately is a key consideration and is actually also a legal requirement, so please help us to keep the village a safer place for all of us to enjoy by keeping access routes and pathways clear.  If you require assistance with this please get in touch as I’m sure “approved contractors” would be more than willing to help out in keeping our pathways safe. The Parish Council will also continue to work with NCC around them addressing appropriate and prioritised repairs to pathways in several areas too.

FOR INFORMATION: The telephone number for Notts County Council to report any footpath and highway defects directly to them yourself is 0300 500 80 80, or they also have an email “complaints” page on their NCC website

International Duckling Racing comes to Colston Bassett
As you may be aware from separate notices we have a unique opportunity on Sunday August 28 to get involved in supporting the village and to savour Rio-style elite-competition at this soon-to-be internationally famous event being held on the illustrious Smite. Friends, families, passing acquaintances and anyone in your phonebook are all welcome so please come along and support the biggest event ever in the history of Duckling Racing (on the Smite). Refreshments and Competitor Information will be available from 11am at the Village Hall, Official Viewing of Competitors 1130, The Grand Duckling Procession 1155 and then the first of five highly competitive races will begin from Noon.

And finally, one important notice that I’ve just received from the NCC;

Notice of Road Closure by NCC
0800 Monday September 19 to 1800 Thursday September 22 inclusive

Closure at Junction of Harby Lane and Church Gate/ Washpit Lane (near Pear Tree Cottage)

Alternate access to all properties will be possible via New Road and Spring Hill as per the previous recent closure.

Many thanks and best regards to all, enjoy the sun and I hope my duckling competes well with your duckling……


Nige Mayglothling

Clerk to Colston Bassett Parish Council

5 Church Gate

Colston Bassett                               Email

Nottingham NG12 3FP                 Phone 01949 81549 / 07484 282584