Parish Council Vacancies

As parishioners may be aware there is an unfilled seat on the Parish Council dating from the May 2019 Elections. Under the current Covid-19 revised Regulations this vacancy may still be filled by co-option.

As of late June 2020 with the resignation of Tony Makin a second vacancy has occurred. If ten parishioners so request an election process for this second vacancy will be held, although this election may not be able to take place until 6 May 2021. However, if an election is not requested before 14 July 2020 the Parish Council may also fill this second post by co-option.

Any eligible person interested in being considered for either vacancy may approach any of the Parish Councillors or The Parish Clerk for either informal discussions, to register their interest or to request further details on the nomination process as they so wish. Details on how to request that an election be held are posted on the Parish Noticeboard.

Nige Mayglothling, Clerk to Colston Bassett Parish Council, 23 June 2020.